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We Set Out To Change A Local Industry And Built One Of DFW’s Most Trusted Companies

The Phillips Home Improvements Story: Transforming Homes and Lives in DFW

What makes Phillips Home Improvements unique? What distinguishes us from other long-standing DFW contractors specializing in painting services, roofing services, siding services, gutter services, and windows/doors?

Why have thousands of homeowners trusted us with their home improvement needs for almost three decades? And why have thousands of folks given us a 5-star review over the years?

Well, a ton goes into our long-standing reputation, but let’s start with our story.

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Over the years, we’ve transformed countless homes and enhanced lives with our top-notch services. But for us, it’s not just about the projects we complete; it’s about the relationships we build. When you choose Phillips Home Improvements, you’re not just hiring another contractor. You’re gaining a partner fully invested in bringing your vision to life.

We’re here to listen, guide, and deliver results that exceed your expectations. Whether you need a fresh coat of paint, new roof, updated siding, seamless gutters, or energy-efficient windows, our team has the skills and passion to get the job done right.

See Where We Came From And Who Started The Phillips Home Improvement Story

Now, let’s talk a bit about our esteemed founder, Mr. Jason Phillips.

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As you might expect, while Jason officially opened our doors in 1997, his industry experience traces back further. He got into painting and home improvement in his late teens because it was good, honest work and a dependable paycheck with which a young Texan man could build a life.

After he’d been paying his dues for about six or so years, some friends came knocking. They were also in the industry, focusing on large commercial projects, but had no one to run the residential side of the business.

They KNEW because of his passion and expertise, Jason was a perfect match:

  • Passionate about genuine customer service.
  • Passionate about quality workmanship.
  • Passionate about the process & results.
  • Passionate about reputation & reviews.

Jason jumped in, and things were going well. So well that along came a big wig with bottomless pockets who bought the company from Jason’s friends. Unfortunately, he DIDN’T have the same passion. Soon the company was crumbling thanks to the new owner’s lack of concern about Jason, the crews he’d assembled, and, worst of all… their customers.

“I would’ve stuck in there till the gritty end, but my friends convinced me to leave and do my own thing. And frankly, it was time. My vision for a DFW home improvement company was ready to burst out of my body by that point.”

He officially opened our doors after seeing and experiencing the massive opportunity in the home improvement industry…when you treat homeowners right. Still, to this day, he can clearly describe how it felt to have those first four families choose Phillips for their painting projects.

Once again, everything he felt in his heart was based on truth.

“Right away, my teams and I began dealing with and repairing the sloppy, hasty workmanship from other contractors that homeowners worry about. Obviously, the work would’ve lasted if they’d just done X, Y, and Z.”

This is why today, decades later, Phillips Home Improvements is still focused on doing these small things right that don’t add much cost but add tremendous value for our customers.

Our whole process was, and still is, a dramatic improvement!


If you want to know more, or if you’re curious about any little ol’ thing, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call or use the website form and we’ll get back ASAP, because we hope to make you a part of our ongoing story here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Thanks for your time!

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