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10 Tips to Choose the Best Roofing Company in Dallas

The biggest obstacle homeowners face when looking to repair or replace their roof is choosing the right roofing company. After your home has taken a beating from a damaging storm, quickly returning to normal by acquiring the necessary roof repairs is essential to peace of mind. But homeowners should be wary of choosing the first company who knocks on their door to reroof their home. STOP and do your research now and you’ll save tons of headaches later!

Finding a company who is trustworthy, honest and professional may sound difficult – but this post will walk you through it.

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List Your Objectives

Do you only want the cheapest price for your roof repair or replacement, so your home looks better in the short term?

Or, do you want your roof to be professionally and properly repaired or replaced by the right Texas roofing company with the highest quality materials and workmanship the first time, so it looks good and, more importantly, minimizes the chance for costly and time-consuming future leaks and damage?

Do you want the lowest price with a lot of hassle or do you prefer prompt, friendly, capable service before you need it?

Choose a Local Company

It’s common for fly-by-night roofers to swoop into town when there’s a storm in an attempt to gobble up business. The price may be right, but an out-of-town company will likely be unavailable when it’s time to make good on a warranty claim. They may not even finish the project. So play it safe and only hire a trusted local roofer with an established record for excellence in the Dallas-Fort Worth area!

Call the Roofing Company’s Previous Customers

You will want to ask previous customers the following questions:

  • Were you able to communicate easily with this company?
  • Was the contract fulfilled?
  • Did the company complete the work on time?
  • Did the company maintain contact throughout the job?
  • Were you pleased with the outcome?
  • Would you use this company again?
  • Would you recommend the roofing company to a family member or friend?

Consider asking if you can see the completed project.

Ensure the Company Warranties Their Work!

Get all the warranty details up front and ensure the warranty is appropriate for the type of roof you are purchasing. If a company refuses to warranty their work, they are likely not reputable.

Check for General Liability Insurance, Bonding and Background Checks on the Company’s Employees

You know a company is serious about business when they carry General Liability insurance and are bonded. Your home is your safe haven. Make sure that all employees who enter your home are thoroughly vetted and have your family’s best interests at heart by ensuring they are background checked as well. Don’t consider using the company if these pieces are missing.

Insist on a Good Standing with the Better Business Bureau (With All Complaints Answered) and Good Online Reviews

You know a company is trustworthy and reputable when they have membership in and a good rating with the Better Business Bureau, accompanied by a majority of good reviews on reputable social sites like Google, Angie’s List and Glassdoor. If the bad outweighs the good, buyer beware!

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Ensure the Roofing Company Follows State and Local Laws

Never choose a company that would eat an insurance deductible and place you, the homeowner, in danger of breaking the law. Instead choose a company that offers integrity-based, transparent pricing and impeccable value.

Choose a Company That Will Help You Navigate Insurance

If a company is unwilling to meet your insurance adjuster and help you navigate the insurance process, their customer service is lacking. Choose a roofing company that is willing and able to make the process as pain-free as possible.

Get Everything in Writing!

If you’ve taken the time to find a quality, trustworthy company that you feel comfortable with, it’s time to draw up a complete and clear contract that outlines all the details of your roofing project. The right Texas roofing company will be happy to provide you with a concise and comprehensive contract.

Never Put Money Down Until You’ve Signed a Contract

You should never be asked to make payment in full before a job has started, or to make your final payment until the job has been completed and you’re thoroughly satisfied with the results. In fact, try to reserve half until the work is fully completed.

You want your last payment to be large enough to keep the company coming back to complete your project satisfactorily. Depending on the length of your roof replacement, it may be beneficial to create a payment schedule.

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Glen C. From Mesquite, TX
"Each and every staff member was very professional and thorough throughout the process. Coming from a retired commercial general contractor they deserve the highest of ratings."
Deborah I. From Frisco, TX
"Great work! Phillips Home Improvements were extremely professional from Day 1. They responded to my inquiry for gutters promptly and came to see us. The rep did a detailed inspection of our roof shape and discussed all options with us. The guys were done in one day and we are very happy with how the gutters look and perform."
Nick T. From Flower Mound, TX
"Like a whole new house. The crew was on top of everything with their chief walking ne through everything!"
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"Phillips has the kind of excellent customer service you can’t get in other places. Everything was so easy for me and our gutters are perfectly installed."
Gordon W. From Dallas, TX
"I recently had my front entry door refinished with some minor repairs. The job was done very professionally and I am pleased with the work they did. I also used Phillips to do my guttering and I was extremely pleased with that job also."
Darryl C. From Garland, TX
"Phillips’ quality work on a previous assignment at our house earned them another, larger project, which, just finished, further impressed me! Dependable, approachable, and work quality satisfying my own demanding standards means I’ll have them back again and again!"
Gary S. From Dallas, TX
"Everything was awesome from the very first estimate visit right through the last day of work. We had the entire inside and outside of our home painted which included some repair work as well. Amazing job."
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