10 Questions to Ask Your Painting Contractor

December 2, 2022

Chances are good that something in your home needs repainting. It seems that as soon as everything is finally freshened up, the cycle begins again. What kinds of questions should you ask your painting contractor before starting a new project?

  1. Check out a company’s reputation on Better Business Bureau as well as other trusted social media sites, such as Google, Best Picks Report and Consumer’s Choice and ask the company to show you their accolades. If a company doesn’t have a good reputation, don’t consider them! It may even be worse to find no information on a company than a sample or two of negative information. You stand to risk an incomplete job and/or lost deposit with a fly-by-night, Chuck-in-a-truck company. Don’t worry if you find one upset customer – there will always be a few people who cannot be pleased; worry if you see a negative trend or no information on the company at all. Look for great reviews!
  2. How long have you worked with your subcontractors? And do you regularly take on projects of the same size and scope as my project? Make sure your contractor works with trusted partners and completes projects like yours every day.
  3. Can you provide a list of happy customers’ testimonials and third party endorsements? A great company will have raving fans and provide you with their endorsements. Also, they will have affiliations with other companies such as The Good Contractors List, who will guarantee the company’s work. The Good Contractors List guarantees each of its members’ projects for up to $10,000!
  4. Are you insured and bonded? Feel free to ask for proof. Legitimate contractors will carry General Liability insurance and be bonded for your safety.
  5. What materials are going to be used? Did you know that many times Chuck-in-a-truck companies may use cheaper, substandard materials or watered down paint to complete your project just to compete on price? Don’t compromise on quality by settling for “cheap”. 
  6. What processes will be employed that differentiate this company from competitors? Did you know that many contractors employ processes that cut corners, compromising the quality and longevity of your paint job? Don’t compare companies on price and price alone. Make sure you know “how” the project will be completed. The company you choose should be able to show you installation process images.
  7. If I choose your company to do my paint job, will you provide updates on my project’s timeline prior to my start date? It’s important to choose a company who provides weekly updates on your project timeline so you aren’t left “in the dark”.
  8. Will you provide a dedicated Project Manager to ensure my project has been completed to my satisfaction and within the scope of our contract? This step is crucial in ensuring your project’s quality. Having a point person who will communicate with you about project timelines and expectations goes a long way in ensuring a job you are proud of for years to come.
  9. Will you clean up after the project is complete? And leave touch up paint to ensure that it’s available later if needed? Final steps in the project are easily overlooked. Proper cleanup is a must. Also, since it can be challenging to match paint exactly after a “run”, it’s important to have touch up paint available for later use. A company who really cares about its clients is always thinking about your future needs.
  10. Will you warranty my project? Do you honor your warranties? If so, how long is the warranty period and is my warranty transferable?

Asking these kinds of questions will significantly decrease the risk of hiring the wrong contractor for your home improvement project and help you choose the right contractor! Phillips Home Improvements welcomes informed homeowners who ask the tough questions. Call Phillips today at (972) 867-9792 for a free estimate!