6 Misconceptions About Roof Replacements and Repairs in Dallas

June 17, 2020

Keeping your roof in tip-top shape requires knowing how to care for it. Your roof is an important investment. One poor decision or slip in judgment regarding roofing repairs and replacements in Dallas could result in severe roof damage.

We want to help you avoid the headaches often accompanied by the following common roofing misconceptions.


Misconception #1: It’s okay to wait on roof damage repairs – or wait until your roof is completely replaced to address problems.

Neither of these is true. Even minor damage should be repaired immediately. Not only does roof damage and wear worsen over time, but the more damage and wear your roof incurs, the faster the damage escalates. Also, a damaged or worn roof is more likely to leak, and leaks can further result in very expensive interior home damage.

Misconception #2: Calling a roofer is only necessary if your roof is experiencing emergency leaks or needs replacement.

This is not true. A large percentage of the work many roofers perform is minor repair work and/or regular preemptive maintenance to PREVENT emergency calls and extensive damage incurred due to costly leaks.

One often overlooked aspect of roofing repairs and replacements in Dallas is the importance of ongoing roof maintenance. Most homeowners are not aware that properly maintaining the roof actually extends its life by years and minimizes the entire life cycle cost.

Misconception #3: Homeowners don’t have the expertise to perform a preliminary assessment to determine if you need roofing repairs and replacements in Dallas.

To protect yourself from paying for an entire roof replacement when only a minor repair may be required, it would be wise to do a preliminary roof check yourself before calling a roofing contractor. Inside your house, the most common and readily apparent signs of a damaged roof are peeling or discolored wallpaper or wallboard, or cracked paint. Outside, roofing pebbles puddled in a downspout or lifted or “grounded” shingles are also clues that roofing repairs or replacement are needed. These simple observations are safe to perform and invaluable.

Misconception #4: All roofing materials are the same.

Materials that are marketed by roofing manufacturers to roofing contractors and offered to consumers as “seconds” or “specials” should raise a red flag for homeowners.

Plain and simple, these are sub-standard roofing materials. As such, they are offered to unsuspecting homeowners at reduced prices. While they may seem like a bargain on the surface, the extra risks of premature wear, need for repairs and increased risk of expensive water damage are certainly not worth any minor cost savings up front.

Misconception #5: The roofing contractor who provides the lowest price on roofing repairs and replacements in Dallas is always the best choice.

Often the roofing contractor that provides the “cheapest” estimate leaves your roofing project incomplete or cuts corners in order to provide a cheap quote. “Cheap” usually equates to poor quality materials and/or workmanship.

The poor-quality roof repair or replacement that accompanies that cheap quote can take many forms. It can involve subpar materials, customer service, timeliness and production, as well as missed steps or materials. Often you can’t tell the difference in quality with the naked eye immediately following the completion of your project.

Misconception #6: All roofing contractors are the same.

Most roofing contractors are good at what they do. However, many may not pay enough attention to overall quality and fine details. Ask the companies you talk to how long they have been in business. Ask how many similar jobs they have completed and how much repeat or referral business they receive.

Even when using the highest quality roofing materials available, if not used correctly, problems resulting from an improper repair or replacement could range from annoying issues to serious and costly problems, such as missing, wind-blown shingles that leave your home bare against the elements, open to leaks or interior home damage.

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