Check Out This Eye-Popping, Longer-Than-Usual Review We Got!

November 27, 2023

What This Longer-Than-Usual Review Says
About Our Painting Team Is Eye-Popping!

“Sometimes, Things Are Too Good To Be True, Or
You’re Left Thinking You Got Took…”

Over the years, Phillips Home Improvements has been able to gather and collect THOUSANDS of customer reviews. Trust us, they aren’t easy to get. Most people simply don’t feel like leaving them, and that’s okay. We’re proud of each and every one.

As you browse them, you’ll notice the VAST majority are just a couple of lines long or a small paragraph. That’s great! But, every once in a while, we get ones that are a bit longer. They go into more detail and do a more thorough job of explaining what parts of the process and results they enjoyed most.

In today’s blog, we’d like to look at one of these more rare, longer-than-usual reviews.

Let’s see what we can discover!

Finding a Painter 101: Trying to find a painting company without being taken advantage of is no small task these days!”

,p>Unfortunate but true. We come across this kind of thing all the time, as people call us after being treated poorly/unfairly by rude and unprofessional home improvement contractors. This is why, from Day One, we’ve set out to build a company that breaks the mold and gives people Genuine, Accommodating Service.

“Was Phillips the cheapest? No. Were they the most expensive? No.”

You bet. Phillips Home Improvements isn’t the kind of company that tries to be either. We’re not a small rinky-dink outfit, and we’re not greedy or driven by profits either. Instead, for us, it’s about our No Compromise Product Approach.

“But, they were the only ones who showed up when they said they would and provided a detailed list of work and an exact price. Previous painters didn’t cover the full scope of work and provided “about” or “around” price quotes. Phillips covered the complete scope of work with every required step and gave us an exact price for the job.”

We know what Expectation-Exceeding Workmanship takes and what it looks like. There’s no magic or mystery. Our goal is to define what it’ll take to complete your project PROPERLY without compromising on quality.

“Our rep was friendly, professional, and honest (said, ‘We had the ugliest wallpaper he’d ever seen’), and that’s why we hired Phillips. The price was fair, the explanation of the work required was detailed, and the timeframe was reasonable.”

Our transparent process and honesty are big reasons people put their trust in us here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. And trust is the REAL currency of business. This is why it’s one of our Phillips TEAMily Core Values, alongside things like teamwork and the pursuit of excellence.

“Sometimes, things are too good to be true, or you’re left thinking, ‘Well, I guess I got what I paid for,’ or you just paid too much. Phillips strikes us as none of those things! They’re a local business that understands longevity is only achieved through quality services and honest value.”

That’s true, we really do. How else could we still be in business and thriving? How else could we have gathered so much bounty and so many blessings? This allows us to continue expanding our Advocacy & Community Involvement!

“Makes sense why they’ve been around for 25+ years with the same owner! We’re looking forward to posting photos once the work is done and showing why we made the right choice, and you should too!”

Jason loves Phillips Home Improvements, and so does the rest of our team. We’ve been making this company we can all be proud of for a long time, and it’s working wonders.

Doing right by people and helping make our community stronger one house at a time…is both an honor and a privilege.

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