A Message from Jason Phillips to Our Treasured Clients About Coronavirus

March 17, 2020

At Phillips Home Improvements, we realize the importance of keeping both your home (possibly your most valuable investment) and your family (your most precious treasure) in tip-top shape. The health and well-being of our valued clients and TEAMily members are always top of mind, and as we navigate the rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) state of affairs together, I want to share with you the extra precautions we’re taking at Phillips to serve you.

We’ve spent the last two weeks preparing for how the virus might impact the DFW community and families whose homes we renew. We are working diligently to comply with CDC guidelines and the authorities to ensure we’re taking all necessary preventative measures. We will continue to keep you, our valued clients, and our TEAMily members at the center of all planning and decision making.

Supporting Our TEAMily Members

We continue to share information with our wonderful TEAMily on the best ways to keep themselves and their families safe and healthy. To help prevent the spread of the virus, we’re encouraging anyone who feels sick to stay home. We offer all full-time TEAMily members PTO to ease the burden of time off from work. Those who are in compromised age brackets or with compromised immune systems will work remotely.

In addition to our daily cleaning efforts, we’re increasing the time spent sanitizing our offices, especially in our most frequented areas, such as restrooms, breakroom areas, and our TEAMily training room. Also, we have added hand sanitizing stations around the office and have provided personal hand sanitizers for TEAMily members to use before and after each appointment to ensure that we remain vigilant about everyone’s health. Additionally, instead of the customary handshake, we will limit physical contact to elbow or fist bumps.

Delivering the Home Improvement Services You Need

We know it’s springtime and that you’ve been waiting all winter to have your much-needed home improvement projects completed. We are still providing full-service care and FREE estimates, and are able to take care of your pressing painting, gutter, siding, roofing and windows needs. There’s no need to worry about that peeling paint, stopped up gutter, or leaky roof any longer! Don’t put these repairs off, as they will only increase in severity with the spring rains and summer heat approaching.

Addressing In-Home Customer Service

Earlier this week Phillips rolled out new CDC-compliant procedures for delivering estimates to our prospective customers, including giving out hands-free estimates via email, greeting our customers without a handshake, and maintaining a minimum distance of 6 feet between Phillips consultants and customers at all times. Otherwise, we continue to run all projects as usual. Should you have concerns about in-home consultations, we’re here to support you and offer flexibility to schedule or reschedule at your convenience. We encourage you to contact us at (972) 867-9792 if you have questions or concerns about your upcoming appointment.

We appreciate your support and understanding during a rapidly evolving situation as we make every effort to support our clients, TEAMily members and the communities we serve. Thanks for continuing to trust your treasured home and family to Phillips’ care, just as you have for the past 23 years. We’re here for you.