DFW’s Never-Miss-A-Nail Roofing Contractor

December 3, 2023

We’re Proud To Be Dallas-Fort Worth’s
Never-Miss-A-Nail Roofing Contractor

From Underlayment To The Last Shingle, We Make Sure
Your DFW Roof Is Installed FLAWLESSLY.

Mistakes happen–and when they do they can cause MAJOR problems, especially when it comes to roofing. Even one misplaced nail can lead to MASSIVE damage to your roof, decking, and even the interior of your Dallas-Fort Worth home.

You can even wind up with a voided warranty, due to shoddy installation.

With Phillips Home Improvements, that simply won’t happen. Our workmanship EXCEEDS expectations, and we don’t leave your property until we’re sure your project is 100% correct.

Why Roofing Is Such Precise, Painstaking Work

If you didn’t know any better, it would be easy to assume any handyman can install your new roof. How hard could it be? The answer: It’s easy to install a roof the WRONG way, but it takes skill and patience to install it the Phillips way–AKA the RIGHT way.

So where do amateur and corner-cutting professional roofers go wrong?

What Happens When Your Roofers Cut Corners

To give you an idea of what corner-cutting roofers are like, let us tell you a little story….

We once went to remove a damaged roof from a DFW home, and underneath the shingles we found 3–we repeat, THREE–layers of underlayment.

These roofers had simply put a new layer of underlayment over the old one–TWICE–instead of taking the time to remove everything down to the decking and build a brand new roof from the decking up.

That’s not all! We don’t even USE standard underlayment. Instead, we install a waterproof synthetic barrier that is infinitely better than even properly-installed underlayment.

Our synthetic membranes are much more effective at keeping your home safe and dry–you know, what your roof is actually SUPPOSED to do.

It’s not the easiest or cheapest way to install a roof, but it’s the RIGHT way, the Phillips way, and the only way we’ll ever do things.

In fact, it’s part of Our Phillips Guarantee to NEVER quit until the project is complete to 100% perfection and YOUR satisfaction. PERIOD.

Our Methodical, Perfectionist Roofing Process

We’re sticklers about installation, workmanship, and The Pursuit Of Excellence in EVERY single home improvement project we take on.

That’s why we have a machine-like, down-to-a-science process for ensuring our roofing services are like none other in the DFW area.

When we say “down-to-the-last-nail” we mean that we will LITERALLY remove every nail of your old roof to get a clean slate to install your new membrane and roof.

It takes a little extra time, but it’s the only way to ensure your new roof is installed correctly, so you get the full value of your warranty and the full protection of a durable, high-quality shingle roof.

We have a No-Compromise Product Approach when it comes to our roofing materials, and we would never give our clients or their homes anything less than a perfect installation.

At Phillips, the easy way out is NEVER on the table.

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