Exciting and Coming Trends in 2018

November 6, 2018

Exiting and Coming Decorator Trends

Phillips is a Painting, Roofing and Gutter company. So we do our fair share of “decorating” … with color. We’ve seen a house or two and we see trends come and go. Which trends are on their way out? And which trends are coming for 2018?

  1. Bold saturated colors have largely been replaced with muted wall colors. If you still love bolder colors, never fear. Apply them to accent walls or sprinkle them in a room with fabrics and accessories. Jeweled tones in emerald greens, reds and deep purples are in for furnishings and accent walls.
  2. Hardware trends are moving away from the cold, industrial look and more toward traditional oil-rubbed bronze.
  3. Stiff modern decor is on the way out. A blend of modern and traditional looks is in. Eclecticism tastefully presented is hot right now. Pair it all with varying paint shades of greys and browns and a pop or two of color in the accessories and you’re golden.
  4. Lighter stainless appliances are still being used, but not as widely. The hottest appliance trend is charcoal, in either shiny or matte finish. This adds another layer of interest to the kitchen and draws the eye away from the appliances to the beautiful granite, tile and accessories. Go a step further and paint the trim in charcoal or black against a lighter grey, beige or tan and you’re on the kitchen cutting edge.
  5. The sterile look of white on white is out. Vary the whites with greys. Add in some trendy marble and you have a win-win.