Get A Peek At Our Secret Weapon For Consistent ‘Wow!’ Results

November 23, 2023

Phillips Teamwork Leads To Smooth DFW Home
Improvement Projects & Elated Homeowners

At Phillips, It’s NEVER “Every Man For Himself.” We Take
Care Of Our Team & Our Team Takes Care Of YOU.

Every DFW home improvement company is different. A lot of them (too many, in our opinion) emphasize sales and competition. It’s all about rushing projects through to reach the volume they’re after and the corresponding revenue numbers.

Well, our approach is the exact opposite. At Phillips, we work as a TEAM towards one goal: to do right by our clients. More than that, to go above and beyond the call of duty. To go the extra yards it takes to deliver “WOW!” home improvement experiences. Our people aren’t in this business for the credit, and they’re not working against their co-workers, either.

Instead, we all do our part to the absolute best of our abilities to ensure the end result turns out 100% fantastic. We might make it look easy, but trust us, our process requires constant vigilance, protecting our secret weapon in this industry.

Our “TEAMily” Looks Out
For One Another Like A Real Family

One reason why we’re all able to work together seamlessly is that we sincerely care about each other. We’re not an “every man for himself” type of company. We stay on the same page just as carefully as we keep our clients in the loop during every step of their remodeling journey with us.

If we see someone struggling, we lend a helping hand so the project stays on track and no one gets left behind. In fact, it wouldn’t even OCCUR to any of our awesome team members to do anything other than work as a team.

It’s so ingrained in our company culture and Phillips TEAMily Core Values that it comes naturally to work together and help each other.

Our Goal Is A Flawless Project
& A Happy Homeowner. PERIOD.


We’re all about setting and achieving goals here at Phillips. Goals and leadership. These two themes are like the support pillars we’ve been building under the company for the last couple of decades.

On a project-to-project basis, the goal is to dazzle folks with our Expectation-Exceeding Workmanship [Expectation-Exceeding Workmanship] and to ensure you end up with a roof, paint job, or gutters that look great and function for years to come.

Whatever is best for YOU is what’s best for us. The key is we won’t compromise on the quality we deliver. If you ask us what’s best, we’ll tell you and give you a range of options. Collaboration is a big deal. After all, there’s no “I” in TEAMily–well, just the one…(we created the word by combining Team and Family).

Our Team Genuinely Cares About
The Company & The Community

Phillips Home Improvements is a product of our Dallas-Fort Worth community. We want to see all of our Texas family THRIVE, so you’ll never see us cutting corners or taking the easy way out. The interests of our TEAMily, our company, and our community are all the same.

We want our clients to live in beautiful, secure homes that will stay pristine for DECADES to come. And we want our employees to grow and thrive, doing what they LOVE to do.

So far, that’s EXACTLY what we’ve done, and it’s why we have a reputation as Allen, TX’s Genuine, Accommodating Home Contractor [Genuine, Accommodating Service]. One thing’s certain: We never could’ve accomplished that without our awesome team of helpful, hardworking professionals.

Interested In Working With Team Phillips?
Phillips Home Improvements!

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