Home Repairs Done Right

November 12, 2020

Fast fashion. Smartphones. College textbooks. More and more these days, products are designed to fail. It’s true even in the construction and home services industry. Consider all the houses built with flat roofs. Who in the world would look at a flat roof, originally designed for desert climates, and decide to use it in high-rain areas like Dallas-Fort Worth? Flat roofs invite debris and rain water to sit and deteriorat the structure. Who would popularize a roof that’s designed to fail? You know who: roofers who want repair jobs.

It’s the same with homes. Builders construct them with materials that deteriorate quickly and contractors repair them with materials that deteriorate just as quickly. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Homeowners deserve more. It just takes a little additional time and effort to get it right.

When you do a home improvement project right using quality processes and products that resist insects and rot, like fiber cement board instead of wood, or full-strength mildew-resistant paints instead of watered-down paints from big box stores, you rescue your home from the deterioration trap. You also free yourself to focus on pursuing your higher purposes such as raising a family or pursuing your dreams instead of slugging it out day-to-day with home repairs that nag at you every time you return home to your sanctuary.

It’s amazing how builders and contractors will substitute substandard products to pinch pennies or save a few dollars on a project – products they would never dream of using on their own homes. Not on Phillips’ watch. If you want a project that lasts for years to come, is backed by an industry-leading warranty and makes your home the envy of the neighborhood, call Phillips Home Improvements at (972) 867-9792 or fill out the form. We’ll repair your home like we repair ours: with longevity in mind. So you can enjoy your hard-earned time and money and pursue what matters most.