How Long Does Interior Paint Last?

June 11, 2024
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How Long Will My Interior Paint Job In Frisco Last?

What To Expect From Your New Interior Paint

A good contractor for interior painting in Frisco, TX isn’t easy to find. Many take shortcuts and leave you with a paint job that needs to be redone in a year or two. If you ask us at Phillips Home Improvements, this is unacceptable. We’ve been in the painting business for over 25 years and know the difference between a good paint job and a lazy one.

There’s no reason an interior paint job shouldn’t be done well enough to last well beyond five years. But many details go into determining how long to expect your new interior paint job to last.

How Long Should An Interior Paint Job Last?

A good paint job should last at least five years but could last well over ten years. Of course, this all depends on factors such as the paint you use, the contractor you hire, and the surface they paint on.

When you repaint – that’s up to you, as there are many reasons to go beyond the lifespan of paint or far below it. For example, an update in your aesthetic is a good reason to cover up a good paint job. Some people also luck out and have a beautiful interior paint job that lasts decades due to their conditions.

If your paint lasts less than five years, there’s a good chance something got in the way of the potential of the interior paint. While this could be something like sun exposure or excessive dinging and scratching, it could also depend on your contractor. A good contractor knows how to paint to ensure you get the most out of your interior painting job.

Type Of Interior Paint Surface

The type of surface matters a lot when painting your interior. A textured wall or popcorn ceiling may not paint as well as a flat surface, which may lessen the lifespan of that interior painting job. If done right, the paint will do fine, but the proper precautions must be taken. Paneling and wainscotting are other surfaces that may be more difficult to paint. While some paneling paints just as well as sheetrock, some are not advisable to paint. This type of paneling soaks up the paint and is nearly impossible to cover, even with primer.

Type Of Interior Paint In Frisco, TX

The type of paint a contractor uses affects the lifespan of the painting job. One of the best options is the Microbicidal Paint Shield. This paint actively kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses within two hours of exposure. The revolutionary paint helps protect your walls from stains, damage, and more.

Other great options that last longer are paints that have zero VOC and are mildew resistant, which can greatly extend the life of interior paint in high humidity or high moisture conditions, such as in a basement.

How Good The Interior Paint Surface Is Prepared

An interior surface should always be checked for basic scratches, cracks, and gaps before painting begins. These should be filled with mud or sealant to create a smooth surface that will age beautifully.

Most walls also need to be sanded and primed for best results. This creates an even smoother surface that takes any paint color, no matter the color you’re painting over.

Phillips Home Improvements does all the above and more to ensure we deliver more than just an interior paint job. We even offer a free color match for your old paint or inspiration piece.

The Best Interior Paint In Collin County

Many contractors like to water down their paint so it will “go further,” but this is not a good move. Watered-down paint won’t apply well and will only require extra coats, which costs you money. It also doesn’t cover well and fades over time, so you’re left with patchy work that may not appear as such initially.

Yet, over time, you may notice “bald spots” and uneven patches that stick out in your otherwise beautiful surface. When you hire a contractor, ensure they do not water down their paint.

If you’re ready to repaint your interior and ensure you get the most out of the paint job, call Phillips Home Improvements at 972-867-9792 for your free quote.

We’ve been painting for over 27 years, as it’s where we got our start before offering other home improvement services. Though we love doing windows, gutters, and roofing, painting will always be the heart of our company – which is why giving you the best of it is so important to us.