Is there a Paint Shortage in Texas?

September 2, 2021

Everyone’s talking about the paint shortage in Texas. A perfect storm was created when the February freeze impacting a complex petrochemical network and a fire in China met the pandemic head on, further stressing an already stretched supply chain and labor pool, which rendered accessing paint nearly impossible. Texas couldn’t get supplies needed to make paint, and had difficulty refining petroleum, which is required in paint manufacturing, and this created a ripple effect across the state.

As a result, as confirmed by the Wall Street Journal Online, increased project lead times (as long as 3 months) and the need to flex on paint brands used on projects became necessary in home improvement businesses across the U.S. While a lot of the tension is easing slowly but surely, home improvement companies have experienced increased costs and severe delays in products needed to do business that have, of necessity, been passed on to the consumer. And it’s not only paint. 

Nevertheless, Phillips Home Improvements, in an effort to serve our wonderful clients, has made some strategic decisions that have helped ease the burden for homeowners and for our business. Here’s what you need to know …

1. Phillips is sourcing the highest quality paints available across multiple major brands in order to take care of homeowners in a timely manner.

2. Phillips still only uses paints that offer a limited lifetime warranty (generally covers peeling, flaking, blistering or de-lamination from the substrate).

3. Phillips will never water down your paint or skimp. We still use full-strength paint on your project.

4. We are almost back to normal, with at most, 4-6 week project lead times.

5. When you find a painting contractor that you trust, don’t wait long to contract with them. Get your project on the schedule so the company can begin planning and allocating materials for your project quickly, especially if yours is a sizable project. Phillips would love to be your contractor and take care of your home! Paint shortage? No problem!