Know The Signs That Your Allen Home Needs A Roof Replacement

September 5, 2023

Protect Your Collin County Home With A Durable Roof Replacement

The roof on your home is meant to be durable, sturdy, and consistently reliable, and when you get a roof replacement in Allen, you can count on the fact that your roof will stand the test of time.

However, many homeowners may not know when it is time for them to replace their roofs. Some let a failing roof remain longer than they should, leading to costly repairs in other parts of their homes and many problems that need to be addressed.

A failing roof could lead to moisture, mildew, mold, and bacteria in your home and issues with your foundation. So, it’s important to catch problems early by getting a roof replacement sooner rather than later.

Phillips Home Improvements is here to help homeowners understand four key signs to know when to turn to the experts for roof replacement service.

1. A Roof Replacement Can Save Your Home From Leaks

Your roof should protect your home from all the elements. Whether hail, snow, or heavy rain comes to Allen, you should stay safe and dry within your home.

However, a failing roof may not be up to the job, and you might find yourself dealing with the hassle of leaks during turbulent weather. No homeowner likes to deal with a leaking roof. It can cause an array of headaches and be a major inconvenience in your day-to-day life.

Sometimes, leaks in your roof can be fixed with simple roof repairs. But, this is only the case if the issue is caught early on and if it isn’t extensive. If multiple areas of your roof are leaking, then it may be better to get a full roof replacement.

This way, you can rest assured that you will stay dry year-round, and your Collin County home will be as protected as it is meant to be.

2. Rid Your Home Of Moss, Mildew, And Mold With A Roof Replacement

No homeowner likes to see moss, mildew, or mold growing on their roof. It can be unsightly and takes away from the overall aesthetic of your home. But these things are more than just an eyesore. They are usually a warning sign of a bigger problem.

Moss, mildew, and mold are a sign that moisture is being trapped in your roof somehow. This may be due to clogged gutters or unreliable shingles. Whatever the main cause, they can be a warning that your roof is more compromised than you may think.

The longer your home holds on to moisture, the less durable it will become. If you let your roof sit for too long, you may find yourself unprotected in the future.

If you find that these things have become an issue on your roof, reach out to an expert to do a roof inspection and determine the underlying causes. It might be time for a roof replacement.

3. Replace Shingles With A Roof Replacement

Your shingles should be perfectly placed on your roof to ensure that your home is always protected. But over the years, you may notice some issues.

Due to things like hail damage or especially heavy rain, shingles may start to warp, buckle, and even go missing. When shingles are not laying perfectly flat on your roof, your home is left with vulnerable spaces, virtually unprotected.

It’s important to make sure that your shingles remain in good shape at all times. If you see any signs that your shingles are anything less than perfect, then it might be time to consider a roof replacement from an expert installer.

An expert roofing contractor, like Phillips Home Improvements, will ensure that your new roof is made from shingles that are installed with absolute precision and designed to protect your home at all times.

4. Your Home Is Older And In Need Of A Roof Replacement

One of the most obvious signs that your roof needs to be replaced is age. You may have purchased an older home with an older roof, or you may have lived in your home for a long time. Either way, if your roof is 20-50 years old, keeping an eye on it is important.

Over the years, your roof may lose strength and leave your home vulnerable. Get regular inspections to ensure it is in tip-top shape, and replace your roof if you notice any problems.

When you get a roof replacement, you can enjoy a home with a beautiful aesthetic and a refreshed look. There’s nothing better than upgrading your curb appeal.

If you’re interested in a roof replacement for your Allen home, get in touch with the experts at Phillips Home Improvements for your free quote today.