Let’s Dig A Bit Deeper Into This Whole ‘Pursuit Of Excellence’ Thing

November 27, 2023

Let’s See – Why Is ‘The Pursuit Of Excellence’
One Of Our Company’s Core Values?

Because It’s Essential To Building Trust, Which Is
The REAL Currency In Any Business

One of the things we work hard on around the clock year after year is this: When you hear the name “Phillips Home Improvements” in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we’d love it if your mind naturally connects us with an IMPORTANT core value of ours…

The Worthwhile Pursuit Of Excellence

We admit it’s one of those cliche sayings you tend to hear throughout life. Like, “Think outside the box” is another one. As homeowners, we have home improvement companies saying these types of things to us a lot. And truth be told, we WANT to believe them.


Simply put, it’s become a chore to FIND a home improvement company that TRULY builds their company to deliver Expectation-Exceeding Workmanship consistently.

Typically, they’re focused on speed/volume. They’re pushing bottom-dollar pricing. They’re pitching quality-compromising convenience. Or, maybe they’ve got an A-team but then a bunch of low-quality subs they farm out everyone else to.

One of our recent customers, in her 5-star review of our painting services, came right out and said it.

“Trying to find a painting company without being taken advantage of is no small task these days!”

THIS is why we care about every single solitary interaction people in our area have with a Phillips Home Improvements team member. Whether it’s our office staff, our siding teams, our roofing teams [To Roofing Services], etc., we train to deliver excellence.

We even go beyond our core services and do our part to make our industry better for EVERYONE – homeowners and contractors alike.


From our thousands of reviews, you can tell we come through for our clients. Every homeowner we work with is a part of the Phillips family, and we treat them as such. But our efforts to improve things go a bit further still.

And most homeowners aren’t aware of this yet.

Our founder and CEO, Jason Phillips, travels all over, hosting events and training sessions to help IMPROVE the DFW home improvement industry itself. This includes teaching other contractors how to do the work and conduct their services PROPERLY, helping them pursue excellence, too.

Whether with homeowners, contractors, or our TEAMily (a word we created out of Team and Family), it’s about quality results, service, and building local relationships based on trust.


Are we perfect? No. However, part of being excellent home improvement specialists is being able to take FULL accountability for our work. On the rare occasion that one of our team members makes an honest mistake, we get things handled quickly and professionally.

Simple as that.

Do we believe in bandaid solutions and whisking unforeseen issues like rotten wood under the carpet? No. At Phillips, we abide by a strict no-compromise approach [To No Compromise Product Approach] when it comes to our work. The goal is always to drive away from your home, knowing deep down in our bones that we’ve left it safe and sound and installed top-tier products and materials that LAST.

These, among other things, should help you see we take our pursuit of excellence seriously. It’s within every thread of the Phillips Home Improvements tapestry.

Get Excellent Service & Results
On Your Next Home Improvement Project!

If you’ve got a home improvement project coming up and you’ll settle for nothing less than excellent results and service, reach out and connect with Team Phillips. You can call us at (972) 867 – 9792, use our website’s easy Contact Us form, or use our other form to Get Your FREE Proposal. Thanks for your time today!