Phillips Enjoys A DFW Roofing Challenge

November 30, 2023

We’re The DFW Roofing Contractor Who
Never Backs Down From A Challenge

The Type Of Complex Projects That Send Other Roofers
Running Are Our Opportunity To Shine

Whenever we come through for one of our customers in Dallas-Fort Worth, we get a genuine sense of satisfaction to see our hard work pay off. When we can pull off a project that other contractors just couldn’t handle, it’s even better.

Whether your project is complicated, grand, or even a straight-up roofing CHALLENGE, we are happy and eager to take it on.

Our ingenuitive team of professionals can do just about anything when they work together to help DFW homeowners get the home improvement results they deserve.

An 8,000 Square Foot, Multi-Tiered Residential Roofing CHALLENGE

One project that sticks out in our memory was a DFW home with nearly 8,000 square feet of roof! On top of that, it was relatively complex with MANY slopes and valleys to contend with.

There was no doubt this was a roof installation that would require a lot of planning and attention to detail.

Projects like these are why we have such a strict, methodical home improvement process. Our Expectation-Exceeding Workmanship absolutely depends on everyone knowing what they need to do and helping each other to achieve a STUNNING finished project.


One Pesky Leak Where Brick Met The Wood Decking

As you can imagine, with a roof that large and complex, there was bound to be at least one recurring problem.

For this home, it was a pesky, hard-to-get-rid-of leak that kept cropping up in one of the (MANY) valleys. Specifically, it kept happening where the brick of the home met the wood decking that the roofing adheres to.

With a little ingenuity and a refuse-to-fail attitude, we were able to fix this chronic roof leak and do what no other roofer had been able to do–actually SOLVE the homeowner’s problem.

After all, that’s our goal. It’s not sales, or profits, or even just growing as a company. It’s to solve your problems and accommodate your needs.

From our Genuine, Accommodating Service to our uncompromising workmanship, everything we do is intended to help our customers to have the best home they can.


Apart from our amazing Phillips TEAMily and our strict, by-the-book process, it’s our painstaking attention to detail that gives us the ability to do what other contractors can’t–or WON’T.

What other contractors might brush aside or ignore, we will assess and analyze to make SURE it won’t affect your home improvement project. Why is that so critical?

Because even one misplaced or forgotten nail can lead to a major leak down the line. The same is true for failing to install the flashing properly or failing to remove the underlayment.

These seemingly small details are all pieces of the overall puzzle. After all, you can’t build a secure, stable, waterproof roof without making sure every little detail is correct.

At Phillips, we have an unyielding commitment to the pursuit of excellence in everything we do. In fact, we consider it our duty to make sure your project turns out perfectly and to your COMPLETE satisfaction.

It’s part of Our Phillips Guarantee to not leave until your needs are met—100%. You won’t get that with any other DFW contractor, and that’s why they come and go.

Phillips Home Improvements is different. We’ve been in business for nearly three decades, and our reputation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area speaks for itself.

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