Phillips Protects Trees During DFW Roofing Projects

November 29, 2023

Phillips Will Even Protect Your Rare Japanese
Maple When Installing Your New DFW RoofW

If YOU Care About It, WE Care About It–From Rare Trees
& Shrubbery To Your Kids’ Playground Equipment.

Most roofers in DFW are there just to do a job: to get the roof installed as quickly as possible, so they can get on to the next project. Not us.

We take the time and CARE to not only install your roof properly, but to do so without creating a mess or damaging ANYTHING you care about.

If there’s something you’re especially concerned about (like a rare Japanese maple tree), we’re going to take extra care to make sure it remains safe and sound throughout the roof installation process.

We Accommodate YOU Throughout Our Roofing Process

Accommodating you is what we’re all about. Simply being excellent roofers isn’t good enough at Phillips Home Improvements, we also aim to provide you with a pleasant EXPERIENCE.

That means that from your very first consultation with us to leaving your property clean and picking up the last nail from your lawn–your satisfaction is our number one focus.

We pride ourselves on our Genuine, Accommodating Service, which means we don’t consider it a job well done unless YOU do.

It also means we go out of our way to protect and preserve the things you care about. From your trees and shrubbery to your kids’ playground equipment, we will make sure no harm comes to those things that matter most to YOU.

Why We Built A Shelter Over A Japanese Maple Tree


For one of our DFW clients, we had to do a little something extra to protect a rare Japanese maple tree–a gift from the homeowner’s parents. While we don’t make a habit of dropping things on your trees and shrubbery, we felt like adding an extra barrier above this particular tree to make SURE nothing happened to it.

This was no ordinary tree, after all. In addition to being a rare variety to see in Dallas, TX, it also had a special place in our customer’s heart because of its history.

That is MORE than enough reason for us to go out of our way to preserve it during the installation of their new roof.

Going Above-And-Beyond For Our Customers & Community

Going the extra mile is our standard, so when the need arises to do something above-and-beyond the usual duties, we are more than willing to do it.

As a matter of fact, it’s not just something we’d do for our customers. It’s also something we do for our friends, employees, and fellow Dallas-Fort Worth citizens.

From our awesome team–which we think of like family–to our fellow DFW entrepreneurs, we are all about helping PEOPLE.

In fact, People is one of our four Phillips TEAMily Core Values, alongside Teamwork, Faith, and The Pursuit Of Excellence.

What does that mean to have People in our list of core values? It means that–even though we work with tools and materials–we’re in the business of serving human beings.

It’s the peace of mind they get from a home improvement project gone RIGHT and the look on our customers’ faces when Our Workmanship Exceeds Expectations that makes all the difference.

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