See How We Cultivate True DFW LEADERSHIP At Phillips

November 21, 2023
Phillips Home Improvements Employee Leadership Skills Training Meeting Allen Tx Image

Why Cultivating Leadership Among Our DFW
Team Is At The Core Of The Phillips Mission

It Starts With Good People & Ends With Empowering
Them To Take Charge Of Every Situation.

People take their cues from whoever’s in charge, so a highly effective employer will lead by example. That’s why Jason Phillips, our founder, insists on instilling the virtue of leadership into every one of our Dallas-Fort Worth home improvement professionals. These are the folks who make the magic happen for our clients across the area.

We’re not training team members who stand around smoking or playing on their smartphones while ONE grunt does all the work. And we don’t train our teams to run around like a bunch of headless chickens, either.

We’re systematic. We’re detailed. We’re caring. And we’re accountable.

Our TEAMily (a word we created out of Team and Family) is made up of smart, passionate, hard-working people who can think on their feet and genuinely enjoy serving the DFW homeowners who continue to give us a call.

Leaders Training Leaders
Is Our Approach To Ongoing Education

Our goal is to educate our newest employees so that one day, they’ll be better than the best of us. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a ton of practice and reinforcement.

One way we reinforce a leadership mindset is to empower our employees to make decisions to help our DFW clients. Don’t get us wrong, Jason Phillips is our owner and founder and has the final say. But guess what, though? Our hand-picked, awesome employees share our Phillips TEAMily Core Values, and 99.9% of the time, they do EXACTLY what Jason would do.

Our Founder, Jason Phillips, Is A
Lifelong Student Of Leadership

Phillips Home Improvements is a company founded on values and a commitment to pursuing excellence in home contracting. That mission requires vision, a clear mission, a commitment to our values, and great LEADERSHIP. That’s why Jason has made it his personal lifelong mission to hone and improve his leadership skills.

What does that look like?

For one thing, he attends leadership courses and has achieved four separate leadership certifications. He also offers resources and coaching for entrepreneurs that help other small business owners looking to help their communities grow and thrive.

He even has his own ‘6-Part Mastermind Series’ on how to build your own successful home improvement company from the ground up–a business that’ll LAST and do some real good. Why is that so important? Once you’ve mastered something you LOVE doing and have a passion for, the next step is to share it with others with similar dreams.


Why We Want Our Up-&-Coming Home Improvement Pros
To Be The Future Leaders Of The DFW Industry

At Phillips Home Improvements, we think long-term. It’s not enough that we’re thriving atop a rock-solid reputation/foundation right now. After decades of history, we know that in a very real sense. We’re thinking of what it’ll be like to serve the DFW another decade, or two, or three from now.

We want to know that Dallas-Fort Worth home and business owners have trusted painters and roofers to give them the Genuine, Accommodating Service and uncompromising workmanship they’ve always deserved–not just now but for MANY moons to come.

It might sound a little cornball, but we mean it. And the only way that’s possible is by teaching our up-and-coming technicians and office staff to be the seasoned leaders of the industry’s future.

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