Stay On-Trend With Stunning Exterior Painting In Carrollton, TX

November 28, 2023

The Top Exterior Painting Trends For Every Carrollton, TX Homeowner

Keep Your Collin County, TX Home On Trend With Exterior Painting

Exterior painting trends in Carrollton, TX can change just as quickly as your favorite fashion trends. While some colors are classic and never seem to go out of style, there is always something that breaks the mold.

Some homeowners love to find the next big thing, while others are searching for a more traditional approach to the home’s exterior paint. Thankfully, the decision is entirely up to you, though the professionals at Phillips Home Improvements can help make that decision easier.

We have created a simple guide for homeowners to discover all the hottest trends for exterior painting services in 2023/2024. Find a trend that speaks to you!

Brick Home Exterior Painting

Brick homes are classic in the state of Texas. You may see multiple brick homes daily on your drive to work or while you run around completing your errands.

But, have you ever seen a home that had the brick painted? Painted brick is quickly becoming all the rage for Dallas County, TX homeowners.

Painting exterior brick is one of the hottest services that Phillips Home Improvements is offering at the moment, and it’s not hard to understand why. Adding a coat of unique exterior paint to a brick home can completely revitalize its curb appeal.

Add a beautiful dark gray or a classic white to upgrade your home’s exterior. An exterior painting service can also act as a sealant for your home’s brick, protecting it from harsh weather and other threats.

This low-maintenance solution continues to grow in popularity. Don’t miss out on the trend!

Vibrant Colors Provide A Unique Look For Your Carrollton, TX Home

Another trend sweeping the area? Bright and vibrant colors. Homeowners are moving away from the neutral and timeless tones in droves and turning to bold colors that make their homes stand out.

We’re not saying you need to paint your entire home a bright orange. But vibrant trim, shutters, or accent colors can make different aspects of your home stand out. If you are searching for the ideal way to bring attention to new replacement windows or a newly installed door, a vivid trim could be just what you need.

Colors like blues, greens, and purples are incredibly popular. Give your home a more modern look.

Warm And Neutral Exterior Paint Colors

While bold colors are quickly taking the world by storm, neutral and welcoming colors will always stay in style.

Homeowners love a bright white or off-white. Believe it or not, painting your home white can actually make the exterior appear larger and create a classic vintage feel that will always impress.

Painting your entire home white also provides a clean canvas to complement with exterior trim, gorgeous furniture, or outside decor.

Make Your Neighbors Green With Envy – Apply Green Exterior Paint

Green is having its moment in the sun this year. Homeowners have fallen in love with a dark, moody green for their home’s exterior. Lighter mint greens have also ballooned in popularity.

A gorgeous green color is easily complemented with neutral whites, blacks, or grays. Make your home stand out from the crowd and create a curb appeal that will “wow” everyone in the neighborhood.

Choosing The Perfect Exterior Painting Trend For Your Home

While staying on trend may be an essential focus for some homeowners, others may find it less vital during their exterior painting service. At the end of the day, the right colors and services for you might not be suitable for someone else. And that’s okay!

Phillips Home Improvements collaborates with every homeowner to help them choose the ideal paint colors and exterior painting services to meet their home’s unique needs. We have the perfect selection whether you are searching for something on trend or a little more creative.

If you are interested in professional exterior painting services for your Carrollton, TX home, reach out to the experts at Phillips Home Improvements for your free estimate today.