Texas Mutual Safety Grant Win: Get Moving With Phillips Home Improvements

August 19, 2021

We are proud to announce that Phillips just won a Safety Grant for $1500 from Texas Mutual, the source of our WorkWell Workman’s Comp Insurance Safety Program. We entered the grant contest along with thousands of other Texas Mutual subscribers interested in improving safety on the job. Companies that entered were required to list items they would purchase with the grant money with itemized and total costs listed, citing safety reasons the items were needed, instructions for use and health benefits foreseen from the purchase.

Due to receiving the Texas Mutual Safety Grant, we are purchasing 9 standing desks to accommodate team members who would benefit from increased mobility and standing exercise. There will be several desks available for remote employees who office occasionally at our Plano branch as well.

In an effort to alleviate back pain, migraine headaches and leg pain as well as weight gain created by the sedentary nature of office staff positions, and other outside factors (such as a car accident in the case of one of our team members), Phillips recently purchased a couple of standup desks. As a result of implementing standing desks at a few of our workstations/offices, affected employees have seen a rise in overall health, due to the ability to move around and exercise at the standing desk while working. 

Our bookkeeper, Siriphone Nipharack, even mentioned that the standing desk has helped her relieve stress and anxiety. She commented further, “The standing desk has even helped me increase my focus when I need a shift or become tired from sitting.”  

So it was easy to determine how to spend the grant money when the opportunity presented itself. Did you know that sitting carries with it increased risk factors for heart disease, blood clots, and obesity, which leads to a plethora of other diseases? The fourth leading risk factor for global mortality is physical inactivity, and 3.2 MILLION deaths per year are related to physical inactivity, as suggested by

Recent studies, such as the ones by or The Heart Foundation, suggest that sedentary lifestyles are on the rise. But Phillips is on the move. So help us celebrate our grant win and get moving with Phillips Home Improvements!