The Detailed Process Of Exterior Painting In Plano

November 8, 2023

Your Ultimate Guide To Our Detailed Exterior Painting Process For Your Home in Plano, TX

Exterior Painting Services You Can Count On In Collin County

When you come to Phillips Home Improvements for your exterior painting in Plano, you will be greeted by a team that is committed to making your home the envy of the neighborhood.

We are passionate about giving you exactly what you are looking for and treating your home with care and consideration. With over 25 years of experience, we know what it takes to get the job done right. We don’t just appear and slap on a coat of paint before calling it a day. Instead, we follow a detailed and thorough process to ensure that our exterior paint is exceptionally applied.

We guarantee that you will be left with a home that looks beautiful and will stay that way for years to come. Here’s what you can expect from our exterior house painting services.

Exterior Painting Color Consultation,

One of the most important steps in your exterior painting service includes choosing the perfect color. Whether you are searching for a way to stand out with dynamic, bright colors or want something slightly more traditional, we have the perfect selection for you to choose from.

Our consultants will work with you to choose the ideal color for your home. We will discuss your ideal aesthetic, the architecture of your home, and other details to find a superb color for your house.

Homeowners can choose from all of the trending Colormix colors to get the right match and rest assured that our exterior paint will outperform all the rest. Our specialty paints, like Emerald Rain Refresh and Flex Temp Paint, are designed to stand the test of time and face off with any storm that comes our way.

Power Washing Your Home Before Applying Exterior Paint

Once we have selected an amazing color or colors for your Collin County home, it’s time to begin the painting process. The first step is to adequately clean the surface.

Power washing is an incredibly critical step in the painting process and is necessary to help loosen any dirt or debris that may be stuck on your home. This helps provide a clean surface for us to apply your exterior paint with ease.

If there are any delicate or more difficult areas to reach on your home, we will hand wash the area to ensure the surface is clean. In certain situations, rotten wood may be discovered during this stage. If that happens, we can add a replacement to your surface.

We never work on a home with compromised surfaces. Instead, we are looking for the perfect starting canvas to guarantee your exterior paint job is beautiful by the end of the process.

Priming And Making Minor Repairs Before Exterior Painting

After we have carefully removed any dirt or debris from all the nooks and crannies of your home, we will move on to the next step.

This includes scraping, caulking, priming, and making any minor repairs to your home. We will carefully remove the existing paint and ensure that the surface is in perfect condition. After that, it’s time to apply the primer.

Primer ensures that your exterior paint will appear smooth and vibrant. It also helps the paint become more durable, so you can depend on it for years.

Applying Your Exterior Paint

Once all of the prep work has finally been completed, it is time to begin our favorite stage of the process – it’s time to paint your home! Our professionals take their time to make sure that your house is painted with intricate attention to detail.

We treat your home with care. Any surface that isn’t being painted will be covered so that it remains protected during the process.

Our exterior painters will carefully apply your beautiful color to different areas of your home, ensuring that the final result is stunning.

The Final Stages Of Your Exterior Painting Service

We will never leave a mess behind at your home. We take the time to complete final touch-ups and clean the area before we go to you for your final inspection of the finished results.

We want to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the final look of your home and ask you to walk with us through the contracted areas of your home.

If you are interested in exterior house painting services in Plano, TX, reach out to the experts at Phillips Home Improvements for your free quote today.