Watch This: See Our Expectation-Exceeding Workmanship In Action

November 27, 2023

See Expectation-Exceeding Workmanship
In Action –Take A Walkthrough With Phillips

Take Two Minutes To Walk Through This Double Roofing
Project We Did For Neighbors In Allen, TX

In today’s blog, we’d like to give you the opportunity to see some of our Expectation-Exceeding Workmanship in action right here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Below is a two-minute video we recorded of our CEO and founder, Jason Phillips, walking around the worksite of a double roofing project we did for two really friendly neighbors in Allen, TX.

What’s nice is you can quickly see and hear why our process is the way it is and why we deliver excellence on a consistent basis, year after year, for our DFW roofing clients.

A Breakdown Of The Important Points

  • Down-To-The-Decking: We scraped all the underlayment off so we could see the wood. And where there were issues, we fixed them. Allen got pummeled by hail storms, and this was a necessary step to ensure long-lasting protection for these good people.
  • Taking Care Of The Claim: The Phillips team came in and took care of the claims for both homeowners. We made it both seamless and easy to get through the process.
  • All The Many Details Matter: The workmanship and the process by which your new roofing system is installed is important – ice & water shield in the valleys, synthetic underlayment, repairing any rotten wood, etc. Phillips Home Improvements cares about doing roofing properly.
  • We Advocate For Our Clients: Because the vast majority of people only have a roof replaced once, the entire process from A to Z, including claims, can be confusing. We’re MORE than happy to take your hand, advocate for you, and walk you through the steps.

There’s lots to explore if you’re looking for more information about our team and our company. You could read through our thousands of reviews from homeowners across the area, or even check out our Core Values, like the pursuit of excellence. Or, there are some other interesting blogs linked below. We’re not shy!

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