What Does ‘Done Right’ Mean To Phillips? See Here!

November 20, 2023
An image showing the quote, “Always do what is right. It Will Gratify Half Of Mankind And Astound The Other,” by Mark Twain, written on an aged paper background for a Phillips Home Improvements blog about doing the right thing for DFW clients.

At Phillips We INSIST On Home
Improvements Done Right… Or Not At All

We UNDO Subpar Work All The Time And Come To The
Rescue Of DFW Homeowners Being Taken Advantage Of.

Not to be a downer here, but, unfortunately,… home improvement companies don’t have the best reputation in the DFW area. Is it hard to see why? No. From shady, arm-twisting salesmen to painters and roofers who do JUST the bare minimum for folks, these contractors are a real thorn in everyone’s big toe.

At Phillips, we’ve seen it all over the decades. Whether we’re talking about the shockingly incompetent or the just plain rude and unethical outfits out there, we work HARD to be different. From the first minute of Day ONE…our founder, Jason Phillips, has gone above and beyond the call of duty to change things around here.

Let’s take a minute and see how he’s doing this one client at a time (not to mention other contractors through his mentorship and leadership efforts in the industry at large).

When We See Something Done WRONG,
We Alert You & Instantly Set About Fixing It!

Image of a Phillips Home Improvements specialist working on a DFW home, demonstrating their done-right approach to detailed workmanship in roofing, painting, gutters, and more.

Far too many Dallas-Fort Worth handymen and home contractors operate with a lazy, profit-driven “not my problem” attitude. If they see something wrong with your home, they’ll ignore it or cover it up with caulking or putty and call it a day.

We could talk about painters who have nothing to do with carpentry, so they won’t fix things properly like we do. Or roofers who don’t go “down to the deck” when doing a new Roof Installation [Roof Installation] like we do…we GLADLY fix the corners others cut and cut NONE ourselves.

Being sloppy is nowhere near good enough for us. That’s why when our crews spot a rotting panel of wood when replacing your siding or painting your home’s exterior [Exterior Painting], we don’t just patch it up. Instead, we rip it out and replace it with a healthy piece of wood. Why?

Because it’s the right thing to do.

Our stance is if we’d do it for on our mom’s house…
we’ll do it for YOUR home. Every detail matters!

Everyone who chooses Phillips gets our same dedication to Expectation-Exceeding Workmanship, Genuine, Accommodating Service, and respectful treatment.

We Build & Work With Solid, Lasting Solutions,
NOT Patch-Ups Or Band-aid Solutions

We don’t bother with quick fixes. In fact, if we have to keep coming back to fix the same problem, we aren’t doing our jobs right! Instead, our teams of specialists put their heads together to build REAL solutions. Lasting, high-performance, highest-value solutions.

For example, let’s say you call us about a leak. Our guys get out there and discover this leak has persisted despite calling out not one or two, but three other contractors…who all failed miserably with different short-sighted bandaid approaches.

After all the fuss, what was the real fix? Simply install the flashing correctly. All we had to do was make the flashing wider than normal to prevent the leak from coming back. Boom. Because we cross our t’s, dot our i’s, and double-check every shingle until we’re sure it’s perfect.

We call this our No Compromise approach to products, materials, and installation standards.

Why Our Way Of Doing Things PROPERLY Is
Somewhat Rare In The DFW Home Improvement Industry

An image of the owner and founder of Phillips Home Improvements, Jason Phillips, being given the Torch award by the BBB in the DFW area for outstanding service and an ethical approach to the home improvement business – roofing, painting, gutters, and more.

While it certainly should be the norm to treat DFW homeowners like you with proper respect, integrity is a bit of a rarity among contractors. Some are lazy, some are sleazy, some are incompetent, and others are a HORRIBLE combination of all three.

Well, after years of seeing where other contractors went wrong. We founded Phillips Home Improvements to set the record straight and finally give homeowners the customer service they truly deserve and an honest home remodeling experience.

From our Customer Advocacy And Community Involvement to our Rock-Solid Phillips Guarantee , we make sure you’re left with a better-looking, more secure home than when we got there.

That’s the difference between Phillips and the competition.

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