What’s All The Hoopla People Are Saying About Our Process?

November 27, 2023

What’s So Popular About The Phillips Home
Improvement Process Here In The DFW?

What Are So Many People Saying They Like SO
MUCH About How We Work – From A To Z?

There are two primary characteristics that separate home improvement contractors in our neck of the woods in the Dallas-Fort Worth area – the good from the not-so-good, and the good from the downright bad.

The first is that special kind of professional stickler-level attention to the important details in any project. This is something you SHOULD expect from true craftspeople. It’s that polish, the focus we put on every fine little product and material feature, no matter which of our core services we’re engaged in:

The second characteristic revolves around the customer service experience they provide. THIS is something that the DFW homeowners we work with care a LOT about. And that’s no joke. Let’s look at a couple of example reviews (we’ve collected thousands over the decades) to bring the point home:

Great Service Isn’t A Perk To Us

“In short, Phillips Home Improvements is a company with prompt and courteous service and provides good workmanship at an affordable price, which you don’t have to pay a premium for. I wish all DFW companies would operate in this manner and not treat great customer service as a perk for which you must pay a premium. I’d definitely use Phillips for guttering and put them at the top of your list for other home improvement services.”

Convenient Project Planning, Management & Execution

“Project planning, management, and execution were thorough and expertly completed. Scheduler provided weekly updates, letting me know where we were in the process. Once scheduled, the project manager made a final confirmation of the work, which included siding and trim repairs, re-caulking windows, and painting the house. The crew started promptly each morning and were professional, tidy, and thorough.”

Stellar Communication & No Surprises

“The expertise of Phillips’ office employees and field crew, and quality of materials and workmanship are top shelf. They clearly explain the entire process they follow for your project, are happy to answer any questions you might have, and they do what they say. The crews who do the work keep the worksite clean, and they treat you and your home with respect. You won’t find a better company to get your job done right.”

Exceeding Expectations By Putting People First

“From first contact to the end of my project, Phillips has been a great experience. The salesperson was thorough, professional, and detailed. Project manager was professional and friendly, putting my desires and satisfaction first. Painter and his lead were friendly, skilled, and patient, answering any questions I had. Impeccable work! Replaced wood isn’t noticeable. My front door was heavily weathered, and their recommended finish exceeded my expectations.”

Hundreds upon hundreds of our reviews from local homeowners across the DFW sound pretty much just like these. Our process goes step by step. And each step is focused on YOU.

We refer to this as our Expectation-Exceeding Workmanship approach. Investing in home improvement is both complex and, most often, NOT inexpensive.

It’s a serious step.

And it’s imperative to us that you know what’s happening at all times and feel well taken care of. After all, that’s what we’d expect if people were working on OUR HOMES.

Ready To Get Your Home Improvement Experience
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If you’ve read and seen enough about us, and you’re ready to see if we’ll live up to all this… simply reach out and connect with Phillips. Let us show you from A to Z, from our first chat to our final walkthrough, how we’ll put you and your home first! You can call us at (972) 867 – 9792, use our website’s easy Contact Us form, or use our other form to Get Your FREE Proposal. Thanks for your time today!