Where Other Contractors Have Red Flags, We Have Green Lights

December 21, 2023

Watch For These Red Flags When Choosing A
Home Improvement Contractor In DFW

And How We Earn Your Trust And Maintain
Our Squeaky Clean Reputation

We’ve heard from many homeowners who were initially impressed by a home improvement contractor in DFW. But once the job actually STARTED, all kinds of problems popped up. Hidden costs. Cheap materials. Rude installers who played loud music and smoked on the job. You name it.

That’s not the case with Phillips Home Improvements — sneaky sales techniques, second-rate services, and unprofessional behavior go against our core values.

With us, what you see is what you get.

You can check our Google reviews, review our materials and home improvement processes, and explore our website — you won’t find any red flags. But with OTHER contractors, you might find some, in which case you should run for the hills and avoid them at all costs.

So, what should you watch out for with home improvement contractors? There are three big red flags to watch out for.

1. Legitimate Companies Have Legitimate Websites

How can you expect a home improvement contractor in DFW to be professional if they don’t treat themselves as such?

That is to say, a well-put-together website matters. If they’re cheap and lazy with their website, then how can you be sure they won’t treat your home the same way? Also, their website tells you who they are. A good website lets you know right away who you’d be hiring to work on your home. You should have the opportunity to easily look up their:

  • Company History
  • Service Information
  • Unique Characteristics

And that’s what you get with Phillips Home Improvements — a website that tells the whole story. Now, we’re not saying a website is the end-all-be-all, but it’s a darn good place to start.

2. Reviews Tell You Who A Company Is, So Listen!


Now, we get it, even the best home improvement contractors in DFW are one client’s bad day away from a misleading, poor review.

However, consistently poor reviews are a big deal.

If their rating starts with a 2 or 3, then cross them off your list. Or, better yet, write them out entirely because they may very well botch YOUR home improvement project. But we’re not just talking about ratings — we’re talking about going deeper. Take time to read the reviews on multiple platforms, and ask yourself:

  • What do the most recent reviews say?
  • What are the most common complaints (if any)?
  • What words and phrases are repeated the most often?

Are customers satisfied overall with the crew’s friendliness and professionalism?

At Phillips Home Improvements, we don’t have skeletons in our closet. Or, in this case, there’s none in our reviews. We all but demand you screen our reviews before you hire us. Although we aren’t perfect (and no human is), we ensure the end result of your project is as dang-near perfect as it can be.

3. The Devil’s In The Details — Read Your ‘Quote’ Carefully

A contractor walks into your home and tells you everything they intend to do for your project.

They give an estimate that seems okay, so you give them your trust and hire them. Later — and only after you’ve signed the dotted line — they hit you with unexpected changes to the ‘quote’ because they found something else they “couldn’t” see during the inspection.

So, you pay more.

Unfortunately, this has happened to MANY homeowners in Dallas-Fort Worth. But it doesn’t have to happen — and it shouldn’t.

It’s important to read your quotes carefully and ask:

  • What materials do they use?
  • Are the prices unusually low? If so, what’s the catch?
  • Can the contractor provide proof of insurance and licensing?
  • Do they offer a warranty? If so, how extensive is the coverage?
  • Are there details missing? (i.e., timeline, additional expenses, etc.)

At Phillips Home Improvements, we don’t do vague quotes and estimates — we do clear and accurate proposals. And your proposal includes detailed pricing information that NEVER changes.

The price you see is the price you pay. It’s that simple. You aren’t slammed with out-of-the-blue change orders that raise the price. How can we offer never-changing proposals where other home improvement contractors can’t?

Well, we’re thorough with our inspections and provide very detailed quotes.

Choose The DFW Home Improvement Contractors Without Red Flags

Your home’s too valuable, and your home improvement project’s too important to place in the hands of someone you don’t fully trust. Whether you need painting, roofing, gutters, windows, or siding in Dallas-Fort Worth, we’ve got you covered. Call us today at (972) 867 – 9792 for an accurately-written proposal.