Why Book Your Spring Project Now?

December 27, 2022

It may seem early, with the holidays here and temperatures dipping into the teens, but spring is right around the corner. With regular lead times of 3-4 weeks from time of purchase to project start (if you purchase today), it would be the beginning of February before a project purchased today could actually begin.

Also, once the frost melts and people step out in early to mid-March to the first birds chirping and the first hints of sunshine, the rush is on to get on the production schedule. Usual lead times of 3-4 weeks can quickly extend to 6 or 8 weeks once homeowners exit their homes and realize the work that Old Man Winter has created for them.

What are some signs that Old Man Winter has visited, causing damage to your home?

  1. Roof granules on the ground and in your downspouts
  2. Dark circles on your ceiling where water or ice has seeped through
  3. Curling or Missing shingles
  4. Roof discoloration
  5. Drafty areas around older windows or doors
  6. Leaky, rusted or clogged gutters
  7. Gutters pulling away from your home
  8. Discolored, chipping or peeling paint
  9. Chimney boards that are askew or missing
  10. Gaps in your home’s siding

If these types of damage are already beginning to appear, it’s best to get your project on the schedule now for one of the earliest spring dates.

Get ahead of Old Man Winter. Your home will thank you.

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