Why ‘Good Enough’ Is A FAIL In The Phillips Book

November 21, 2023

The Pursuit Of Excellence Is An Iron Clad
Commitment We Have To DFW Homeowners

“Good Enough” Is A FAIL In Our Book. At Phillips, We Refuse
To Compromise On Quality, Service, Or Ethics

While there’s no such thing as PERFECT, our mission is to come as close as humanly possible in regard to our workmanship, service, and ethics. What other Dallas-Fort Worth contractors would consider a “great” or ‘that’ll do’ or ‘that’s good enough’ roofing job… we consider an absolute failure.

  • It’s not that we’re obsessive perfectionists (well, maybe a little). It’s that what passes for ‘bottom line’ home improvement these days is a sorry excuse for workmanship.
  • And it’s not only a matter of quality craftsmanship. The way MANY other contractors conduct themselves is dishonest, disrespectful, and sometimes straight-up rude.

So, we set out to not just be different but to blow the competition out of the water. We call this The Phillips Way.

Doing Things “The Phillips Way”

We have a seasoned process that keeps Phillips Home Improvements running like a well-oiled, well-lead, well-structured machine. Everyone’s doing what they’ve been highly trained to do so our DFW projects turn out above client expectations.

And if something’s amiss, we take care of it. Quickly! Here’s another key difference: completely honest, accurately written project proposals.

While other contractors hide behind vague estimates/quotes and then increase the price exorbitantly, we provide clear, transparent proposals that we actually STICK to.

How are we able to do what apparently stumps so many other home improvement contractors? For one thing, we know our industry inside and out and perform VERY in-depth inspections, so we’re confident in our assessments.

Secondly, telling the truth isn’t an OPTION at Phillips. Truthfulness and integrity are the heart of the Phillips TEAMily Core Values that guide our every move. At Phillips Home Improvements, honesty isn’t the best policy. It’s the ONLY policy.

Excellence In Service, Workmanship
& Honest-To-Goodness Business ETHICS

Being excellent isn’t just for Bill & Ted. It’s something every Phillips team member pursues every single day while working to serve our Dallas-Fort Worth clients.

From our top-notch office staff that works tirelessly to keep our clients happy to our dedicated installers, every member of the Phillips TEAMily shares our mission AND values. Because at the end of the day, what unites us is our commitment to ethical business practices and to providing Genuine, Accommodating Service to our clients.

Doing The Right Things…
Even When No One’s Watching

It should go without saying, but doing the right thing is our single biggest commitment. From showing up on time to our meetings to double and triple-checking our Expectation-Exceeding Workmanship, we leave no stone unturned when doing what’s right for our clients.

It’s not enough that you’re happy with your project, either. At Phillips, we believe in doing what’s right, even if no one’s watching. Even if we know you’re not going to see it or notice it.

Why do we take our conduct so seriously? Because we don’t just care about being the best contractor Allen, TX has to offer. We also strive to be productive, compassionate people who make our DFW community a better place–one home improvement project at a time.

Get In Touch With Team Phillips And
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