Why People Return To Phillips Home Improvements

July 21, 2023

Our Expectation-Exceeding Workmanship &
Desire To Help Wins Us Repeat Customers

Why One Allen, TX, Homeowner Hired Phillips For Painting,
Roofing & Gutters Over A 20-Year Timespan.

When was the last time you had to hire a contractor in the DFW area?

What sticks out to you about the experience?

Chances are, you either don’t remember or have some rather negative impressions. Well, we strive to be the DFW home contractor that you not only remember but rehire again years later (most homeowners invest in 4-6 improvements).

That’s exactly what happened with one Allen, TX, homeowner who originally hired us back in 2004 for our top-notch exterior painting services.

His name’s Stanley.

Over the course of the next two decades, we ended up completing multiple other projects for Stanley.

What Prompted His Most Recent Visit To Phillips?

It’s not that often that people come in person to our office to chat, but that’s how Stanley ended up getting in touch with us the most recent time we worked on his home’s roofing system.

He was driving by our office, saw the door was open, and decided to come on in. He had some minor hail damage on his roof at the time–nothing urgent–but still stopped in to ask us about it and schedule an inspection.

Our founder and owner, Jason, happened to be at the office rather than out at a customer’s home, giving a lecture for the industry somewhere, or with his family, etc., and they got into a conversation. When Jason discovered Stanley had been coming to us for 20+ years (exterior painting, interior painting, then gutters), Jason was beaming with pride and gratefulness!


What Stands Out About Our Work & Service?

According to Stanley, he trusts us and always feels taken care of. In fact, he says he’s “never going to hire anyone else.”

That means a lot to us.

What Stanley said encapsulates the exact qualities we seek to embody. Our genuine, accommodating service is about making you feel comfortable at home.

That SHOULD go without saying, but it’s a rarity in this business!

The other half of what he said came down to our expectation-exceeding workmanship. As a veteran and retired homeowner, Stanley knows the value of hard work, discipline, and the difference between doing the bare minimum and giving 100%.

Whether you just need a roofing inspection after a storm or you need to brighten your home’s exterior with a fresh coat of high-quality paint, we’ll work tirelessly until the project’s done and you’re 1000% satisfied.

That’s what Stanley and so many others have recognized about us. It’s why we have literally THOUSANDS of great reviews from DFW homeowners.

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