Why We Don’t Bother With “Quotes” & Stick With Proposals

November 20, 2023
An image of a contractor holding a quote form for a home improvement project, which Phillips doesn’t use because their process involves clearly written proposals for DFW homeowners.

Why We’re PROUD To Be A DFW Contractor
With Clearly Written Proposals (No Quotes!)

At Phillips Home Improvements, We Provide Transparent
Pricing On Every Painting, Roofing & Gutter Project.

Pricing and estimates are an important part of any home improvement project. Thing is, we’ve seen contractors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area get away with using false promises and vague ‘quotes’ or estimates to charge homeowners WAY more than they intended to spend.

Well, we don’t do it that way. No way. No how.

At Phillips Home Improvements, the proposal we agree to is the price you’ll pay because we don’t just make it up out of thin air. Or according to some predetermined system. Instead, we give you a real, accurate price based on our thorough assessment of your project, materials, and every other relevant factor.

Our goal is not to miss a thing. No surprises!

The Other Guys Give You
Broken Promises & Misleading ‘Quotes’

As mentioned, we’ve seen estimates from other contractors that are straight-up LIES. Sometimes, they just make up a number on the spot – a number they have NO intention of sticking to – just to get the homeowner to give them a deposit.

Once they start the project, they tell you it’s going to cost WAY more than what they originally quoted. One of the worst pricing tricks we’ve seen was when a contractor gave an elderly homeowner a price estimate of $1600 for an interior painting project.

When she pulled out a coupon for 50% off that HE put out there, he ripped up the original quote and gave her a new one for $3200 instead!

Right there in front of her…

So much for 50% off…he just marked it up, so the 50% discount would put her right back to the $1600. When she told us what had happened, we were offended on her behalf (she literally had tears in her eyes when our founder Jason met her at her door).

That’s an unacceptable, dirty trick – not to mention false advertising – to play on people.

A photo of the Phillips Home Improvements roofing service truck parked in front of a suburban DFW home, about to provide a thorough assessment of the home and a clearly written proposal the homeowner can depend on.

Our consultations are thorough. We aren’t there to sell you our services. We’re there to assess your needs and figure out how we can help. That’s what Genuine, Accommodating Service means to us.

  • Because we genuinely want to get to the root of your problem, our consultations take a little longer than you might expect.
  • We also make sure to speak with every homeowner, not just whoever is home that day.
  • Our stance is everyone should be on the same page and in the loop from the very beginning. End of story, no exceptions.

Why do we take such care during our initial consultations with our clients?

It’s the ONLY way to make sure we’re actually providing the right solution for YOUR project. It’s also the only way to make sure the detailed price we provide you is 100% accurate.

Our Accurately Written Proposals & What To Expect
When You Choose Phillips,

Some contractors offer “estimates,” and others offer “quotes.”

Well, neither one is iron-clad enough for us, so we give our clients “Accurately Written Proposals” for every project–large or small.

If you’ve never had a bad experience with a home contractor, this might seem over-the-top. But, in our experience, homeowners are grateful to get a real, accurate proposal they can hold in their hands while they mull it over.

Once we do begin your project, we keep you in the loop from the moment we arrive to the moment we leave. It’s your home, and YOU should know everything we’re doing and why.

Not only that but every solution we propose is intended to make your home more secure and stable. That’s not an empty promise, either. It’s part of the Phillips Guarantee to put our clients’ minds at ease with our uncompromising, no-stone-unturned workmanship and people-first service.

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