Wondering What Our Secret Sauce Is? It’s Our TEAMily.

November 20, 2023
A photo of the Phillips Home Improvements TEAMily holding a BBB award in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Phillips Home Improvements’ Mission Wouldn’t
Be Possible Without Our Secret Sauce

We’re In The Business Of Helping People! See How Our
Core-Value-Driven TEAM Makes The Magic Happen.

Like any worthwhile endeavor, the deeper, principled mission of Phillips Home Improvements is to serve the people of the Dallas-Fort Worth community. We do this with distinguished service…, and it wouldn’t be possible without an AMAZING team of core-value-driven individuals.

Who’s responsible, ultimately, for our thousands of 5-Star Reviews? Is it our amazing founder, Jason Phillips? Sort of, yes. But really, it’s our installers, consultants, project managers, crews, office staff, etc., that make the magic happen.

Jason can have lofty goals (and he does), reaching to the Moon and back, but without inspiring people to come and get the actual work done, these ideals mean little. The question is…how’d Jason build and maintain the DFW’s most reliable, trusted, above-and-beyond home improvement company?

By finding the most dedicated, talented, and helpful bunch in the area and training them in The Phillips Way. In other words, how WE get things done well, done right, and done beyond your expectations.

We Emphasize Ongoing Skillset Training
& Lifelong Leadership Learning

At Phillips, growth and learning are ongoing. It’s an everyday thing. No one here rests on any laurels. Of course, we don’t expect our employees to know everything right off the bat, but we do expect them to show up ready to hone their skills. Like Roofing Installation or painting residential exteriors or interiors, along with what they need to know to WOW people!

Every day, if you were to stop by the office, you’d see team members undergoing SOME type of training – be it technical or customer service-related – as part of a group. We like building leaders! It’s honestly a huge part of our company culture. Folks who shun learning and growing don’t stick around long.

Our Entire Team Shares Jason’s
Set Of Faith-Driven Values

At Phillips, we’re more than a profit-generating business. We consider our team to be a family, and that’s why we affectionately call it ‘TEAMily.’ Each member of the Phillips TEAMily shares the same principles, goals, and vision for helping our community. They’re biblical principles that essentially revolve around the good ol’ Golden Rule from the Book Of Matthew:

“In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you…”

If we wouldn’t do it to our homes, or our close friend’s home, or our mom’s, why would we do it to yours? It’s our Phillips TEAMily Core Values of Teamwork, Faith, People, and The Pursuit Of Excellence that unite our diverse team in one mission.

Why is it so important that our employees are 100% on board with our values?

Because Jason didn’t build our company just to make a living, and our team doesn’t work here just to bring in a paycheck. There’s more passion and purpose to provide Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners with the care, Expectation-Exceeding Workmanship, and service they DESERVE.

Anyone can learn a skill, but it takes a certain type of person to put the needs of others above their own in the true biblical spirit of service. That’s what sets our team apart from average contractors.

A professional image of the Phillips Home Improvement team all assembled and posing as a group for their DFW customers.

Everyone Is In Their Ideal Role To Flourish
And To Do The Most GOOD For Clients

Every human being is unique, and what one can do flawlessly would have another floundering and struggling. We get that. So, our company is set up to work like a well-oiled machine, with each team member in the role they’re best suited for to create a smooth process and superb results.

Our technicians will proverbially ‘blow your socks off’ with their attention to detail, respectful demeanor, and great attitude. Even our office staff offer Genuine, Accommodating Service [Genuine, Accommodating Service] from start to finish.

We’re Big Believers In People Power!

If you’re a people person who loves to talk but isn’t so handy with your hands, you may fit right in as part of our office staff. If you’re a hands-on person who won’t give up on a project until it’s PERFECT, you’d make a great Phillips roofer or painting technician.

We know the way to get the best out of people is to nurture their strengths within our TEAMily and give them room to grow. That’s our secret sauce for success, and it’s one reason we’re so different from other DFW contractors. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

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