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Give Your Dallas-Fort Worth Home Stylish, Tough & Lasting Clog-Free Gutters!

We Work With You, Your Budget & The Type Of Debris You’re Avoiding For A Perfect Gutter Guard Solution.

Phillips Home Improvements faithfully serves the Dallas-Fort Worth area with top-quality, high-performance residential gutter services.

What sets us apart is our long-time dedication to the details involved in these systems. From partnering with industry-leading gutter guard products to being known for expectation-exceeding installations, we’re a long-term partner helping to ensure your DFW home stays protected.


The gutter guards we work with save you time and money and prolong the life of your gutters. Not to mention associated exterior systems like soffits and fascia. What’s nice is you get the value, style, and functionality without needing tons of upkeep because we design your new system based directly on the debris you’re looking to guard against.

Learn more about our approach to clog-free gutter solutions below, or if you’re ready to speak with an in-house Phillips specialist today, feel free to call or use our Contact Form.

Our Clog-Free Gutter Solutions

Why The Gutter Systems We Install Outperform The Rest

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Gutter protection systems (covers/guards) increase rain gutter efficiency.

Often in the form of leaves, branches, shingles, toys, etc., debris can clog things up, preventing gutters from capturing rainwater and causing overflows.

  • A simple ball can clog a downspout.
  • We give you HELP, not hype.
  • The debris you’re preventing determines which product is best.

High-Performance Stamped Steel Mesh

Stamped steel mesh is an excellent gutter cover option because it’s a heavier gauge than standard mesh covers.

  • Powder-coated, the stamped steel mesh absorbs light instead of reflecting it.
  • This makes it more aesthetically pleasing while doing its work year round.

It’s a cost-effective option that provides the protection you need from leaves, animals, and the kid’s toys without restricting water flow into the gutters and reducing rain gutter efficiency.

Long-Lasting Leaf Relief

Leaf Relief is an effective gutter cover option, especially for blocking fine debris.

  • The smaller openings are essential for things like pine needles.
  • Not visible from the ground – protection without style changes!

It also comes with PVC seals and adjustable angles to fit your home’s rain gutter system perfectly. One of the models that Phillips installs even strengthens your gutter system, making Leaf Relief an easy choice.


A Comparison: The Phillips Gutters Solution Vs. ‘Theirs’

Gutter Guard Protection Leafs Before After Richardson Tx

The other gutter protection systems you’ll bump into in the Dallas-Fort Worth area come in several styles: covers & helmets, cheap mesh in aluminum & plastic, and foam & corrugated pipe inserts.

Bottom Line: They RARELY live up to their promises by warping easily, wearing out quickly, and restricting water flow, which leads to overflow at corners. The last thing you want is less protection, more headaches, and water gushing over your gutters onto the foundation!

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A Sampling Of Our VAST DFW Reviews

Read What Fellow Homeowners Have Been Saying

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Marsha M.

Excellent. Excellent pricing. Outstanding service. They didn’t have to do all the gutters, just a portion. They’re very transparent about their quotes and were on time, and did a good job!

Katherine L.

It went great! This is the second time Phillips replaced a roof on two different houses. They completely replaced the roof and upgraded the vents. I have no complaints. They clean up after themselves. They gave me a discount because this was their 20th anniversary, without me even asking for it. They just do a good job. They get it done quickly, and they’re very professional.

Sharon R.

Phillips did an excellent job. They spent more than a day prepping the house. They power-washed, caulked, and replaced the wood. They came up with ideas to address a problem area in the front of my house that’s been there for years. When spraying the house, they had a problem with high winds (45 MPH) and had to stop. They let me know about the problem before they left. They were back to finish the job when the wind died down. I couldn’t be happier with the job they did!

Lynda P.

The crew was excellent! They were done in a little over 3 hours. A team of three showed up and got straight to work as soon as they arrived. Also cleaned up very thoroughly at the end of the job. Was just a great company from beginning to end!

Stephen F.

A great experience with Phillips. The company was nice, on time, did everything that was asked, and was very fast. Cleaned up everything after the work was completed. Awesome Job. They made two follow-up calls after the gutters were repaired and then another follow-up call after the carpenters and painters had finished, making sure I was satisfied. I’m very pleased with the outcome!

FAQ Regarding Preventing Clogged Gutters

Some Key Information About Gutter Covers

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Q: How Do Gutter Covers Benefit Busy Homeowners?

Gutter covers save you time and effort by preventing leaves, debris, and pests from clogging your gutters. This means fewer maintenance tasks and less time spent on ladder climbing and gutter cleaning. It doesn’t take long for new users to wonder why they didn’t have them all along.

Q: Will Gutter Covers Work Well In Our Local Climate?

Absolutely! Our gutter covers are designed to withstand the specific weather conditions in our Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our gutter covers provide reliable protection year-round, whether it’s heavy rain, strong winds, animals, or even toys.

Q: Do Gutter Covers Work With Different Architectural Styles & Building Materials?

Our gutter covers are adaptable and work seamlessly with various architectural styles and building materials commonly used in homes over the last 40 years. From traditional to modern homes, our covers are designed to blend in and enhance the overall aesthetics of your property.

Q: Can I Install Gutter Covers Myself, Or Should I Call Phillips?

While DIY installation is possible, we highly recommend hiring a professional for optimal results. Our experienced team ensures precise installation, guaranteeing a proper fit and maximum performance. Investing in professional installation saves you time and ensures the covers are installed correctly.

Q: Are Gutter Covers A Long-Term Solution For My Gutter Problems?

Absolutely! Our high-quality gutter covers are built to last. By preventing debris buildup, they protect your gutters from clogs and damage, prolonging their lifespan. Investing in gutter covers now will save you money in the long run by reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements.

Q: Do Gutter Covers Require Any Maintenance?

Our gutter covers are designed to be low-maintenance. While occasional debris may accumulate on top of the covers, it can be easily swept away. We recommend scheduling periodic inspections to ensure optimal performance, and our team can assist you with any necessary maintenance tasks.

Q: Will Gutter Covers Eliminate The Need For Gutter Cleaning Altogether?

While gutter covers significantly reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning, some minimal maintenance may still be required. However, the need for cleaning will be greatly reduced, saving you time and effort. Gutter covers are a barrier, preventing large debris from entering gutters.

Q: How Can Gutter Covers Protect My Home’s Foundation?

Properly functioning gutters with gutter covers effectively channel rainwater away from your home’s foundation. By preventing clogs and overflow, our covers ensure rainwater is directed away from your foundation, minimizing the risk of water damage and costly foundation repairs.

Q: Can Gutter Covers Prevent Pest Infestations In My Home?

Yes, gutter covers act as a barrier against pests such as rodents, birds, and insects, preventing them from nesting in your gutters. By keeping your gutters clean and free from debris, our covers help deter pests and protect the integrity of your home.

Q: How Do Gutter Covers Provide Better Value Compared To Quick-Fix Solutions?

While quick-fix solutions may seem cheaper initially, they often result in recurring problems and additional expenses. Investing in high-quality gutter covers provides long-term value by reducing maintenance, extending the lifespan of your gutters, and protecting your home from water damage. By addressing gutter issues proactively, you’ll save money and enjoy peace of mind.

Why We’re Your Safest, Proven Choice

Dependable Gutter Guards For Your Home To Protect The Foundation, Soffits & Fascia, Your Family & Investment!

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Our Never-Compromise-EVER Approach To Clog Protection

We’re still in business and thriving after decades of distinguished service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area because families can depend on this FACT – we don’t install it on homes unless we can guarantee it! We don’t and refuse to compromise on quality down to the finest detail.

Our Consistent, Expectation-Exceeding Workmanship

Supported by high-quality product lines (high-performance in the DFW region), we ensure the crews who arrive at your home and do the work meet your standards…and OURS. They’re friendly, respectful, talented, and well trained as well. It’s one of our calling cards!

Our Long-Standing, Accommodating & Proven Service

Among the popular themes you come across in our customer reviews (we have thousands now) is a sincere appreciation for our service process. We TRULY bend over backward and pull out all the stops to ensure magazine-quality results and a great experience from A to Z.

Our Company’s ‘TEAMily’ Core Values

What’s TEAMily? A word we created that captures our ‘team + family’ company philosophy. We focus on both and maintaining this highly-productive synergy between the two. We’re a professional team and a tight-knit family who takes care of customers and EACH OTHER.

Our Take-It-To-The-Bank 100% Phillips Guarantee

Like so many other long-standing, trusted, and well-established American companies across the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we guarantee anything with the Phillips TEAMily name on it. Combined with top-tier manufacturer warranties, you can HONESTLY sleep more easily at night.

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