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DFW Homeowners Know — You Can Fake
A Smile, But You Can’t Fake Friendly

How Our Friendly Crew Members Make Your Project
Experience Pleasant & Low-Stress

Some home improvement contractors in DFW are just plain rude. Others may wear their friendly face because it’s the professional thing to do, but that’s as friendly as they’ll get. They may limit the length of your interactions, give half-hearted answers to your questions, and not fully respect your home.

But, our crew members at Phillips Home Improvements show not only their genuine smiles — but they SHOW that they are friendly with every interaction.

Friendliness Is More Than A Smile — It’s Actions

You’ll never see the Chandler Bing fake smile from us. Nope. Instead, our smiles are 100% genuine — the type you can’t fake. And our smiles are likely the FIRST thing you’ll notice when you meet us. So, we don’t want to diminish the importance of a smile — you’ll get nothing less with us.

But, in our books, warm smiles aren’t enough.

We believe in going above and beyond for our customers. It’s pretty much second nature to us at this point to do everything possible to ensure you have a fantastic experience — and that means friendliness. When you interact with our owner, front office, project manager, and crew members, you’ll consistently receive next-level friendliness that shows up everywhere:

  • We leave your home and lawn spotless
  • We give ACCURATE quotes that won’t change after the project starts
  • We sweat the small stuff — our attention to detail is evident in every corner
  • We show up on time and do everything possible to finish your project ahead of schedule
  • We park where we’re supposed to park and never drive on your lawn without your permission
  • We answer ALL of your questions — and we encourage you to ask as many as you can no matter how long it takes
  • We tell you EVERYTHING you need to know (not just what you want to hear) and let you make informed decisions
  • We take the time to find out what YOU want (desires, preferences, etc.), and we never offer cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions

We’re also friendly enough to not make you read the full list of ways we’re friendly. So, for brevity’s sake, we’ll stop there.

Hopefully, you get the picture. We care about you, and we want you to have the best home improvement experience possible. That means you’ll ALWAYS receive A+ treatment from a friendly and happy team.

The Reasons We’re Friendly Comes Down To Two Words — Care And Respect

Friendliness is good business — but that’s not why we do it. Don’t get us wrong, we want you to feel safe and comfortable to ask us questions and express your concerns without feeling judged. But it’s more than that.

Ultimately, friendliness is about care and respect. When you respect and care about someone, you treat them well and SHOW them that you care through your words and actions.

And, as locals of the Fort Worth-Dallas area, you’re our community neighbors, and you’re treated as such.

Friendliness From Start To Finish

We’re sure of this because it’s not a switch we turn on and off. It’s who we are. It starts with who we hire. We make sure our employees are friendly to EVERYONE. Whether it’s their coworkers, customers, or a stranger they’ve never met on the street, we expect friendliness, compassion, and care to always be on display.

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We’re The Home Improvement Contractors That Are
ACTUALLY Friendly (If You Can Believe It!)

If you want a friendly home improvement contractor in DFW that cares about you and your home, then call Phillips Home Improvements at (972) 867 – 9792 to discuss your project and receive a free and accurate proposal.

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What our clients are saying
Glen C. From Mesquite, TX
"Each and every staff member was very professional and thorough throughout the process. Coming from a retired commercial general contractor they deserve the highest of ratings."
Deborah I. From Frisco, TX
"Great work! Phillips Home Improvements were extremely professional from Day 1. They responded to my inquiry for gutters promptly and came to see us. The rep did a detailed inspection of our roof shape and discussed all options with us. The guys were done in one day and we are very happy with how the gutters look and perform."
Nick T. From Flower Mound, TX
"Like a whole new house. The crew was on top of everything with their chief walking ne through everything!"
Rebecca B. From Dallas, TX
"Phillips has the kind of excellent customer service you can’t get in other places. Everything was so easy for me and our gutters are perfectly installed."
Gordon W. From Dallas, TX
"I recently had my front entry door refinished with some minor repairs. The job was done very professionally and I am pleased with the work they did. I also used Phillips to do my guttering and I was extremely pleased with that job also."
Darryl C. From Garland, TX
"Phillips’ quality work on a previous assignment at our house earned them another, larger project, which, just finished, further impressed me! Dependable, approachable, and work quality satisfying my own demanding standards means I’ll have them back again and again!"
Gary S. From Dallas, TX
"Everything was awesome from the very first estimate visit right through the last day of work. We had the entire inside and outside of our home painted which included some repair work as well. Amazing job."
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