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Phillips employees’ votes help earn Best Places to Work distinction


We’ve never strayed from our mission or core values in our 25 years of doing business in North Texas. That has allowed us to attract top notch talent that’s humble, hungry and smart with people. Skills can be taught. Character cannot. And employees with character make great TEAMily members at Phillips. 


What are we talking about when we say TEAMily? We’re talking about team members who consistently work to bring results and WOW clients, yet also focus on building healthy family-type relationships with each other.  TEAM + family = TEAMily.


And 93% of our TEAMily members responded positively when asked whether Phillips was a great place to work.


Here are just a few of the ways we have created a workplace where team members love to show up:


Creating a place that people feel proud to represent 


We know that first and foremost team members want to know they can confidently recommend their workplace to others and represent it with pride. Because Phillips provides clients with excellent customer service and workmanship, and honors their promises and warranties to homeowners, TEAMily members can conscientiously serve as Phillips ambassadors. 


They also know that Phillips works with a high degree of business ethics, never fudging numbers or lying about what services we provide to clients. We live by our core values of people, teamwork, faith and the pursuit of excellence in all we do, with a mission of renewing homes. This breeds trust for TEAMily members, and to quote Jason Phillips, “Trust is the currency of business”.


Working ethically is also why we earned Better Business Bureau’s 2019 Torch Award for Ethics, an honor bestowed on only one small business in each region yearly. It’s also why we were recently selected as members of The Good Contractors List, a third party entity that guarantees all of Phillips projects up to $10,000, should Phillips be unable to satisfy the promises made in a customer’s contract. Phillips’ commitment to ethical business dealings is further demonstrated in our willingness to employ GuildQuality, a third-party research firm, to survey our customer service from the first customer touch to the last at each project’s end. Finally, it’s probably why we were named one of Qualified Remodeler’s Top 100 Satisfaction Leaders for 2021 and 2022.


Fostering an environment where relationships are healthy and work is collaborative 


We aren’t talking about sticky sweet “going along to get along”. We are talking about authentic relationships, where diversity is appreciated, wins are applauded, toxic behaviors are alleviated early, and problems are identified, discussed and solved … ideally forever. A place where collaboration and fun promote big wins for everyone in both events and daily interaction. A place where connecting means that communication is more fluid. All of this transparency in relationships generates trust. And as Jason Phillips reminds us, “Trust is the currency of business.”


Nurturing an environment where the ground is fertile for personal and professional growth


When an environment is both free of drama and the worry of losing business due to unethical behavior, it can focus on growing its people. First, we are huge proponents of placing people in the right seats – helping TEAMily members find their fit and purpose. There’s nothing more painful than an ill-fitting shoe … you hurt all over. That’s why in 2021 foot orthotics ran a $5.38 billion business, helping people find the right shoe fit. Similarly, during recruiting, we ensure a better work fit by providing and explaining personality assessments – which predict behaviors on the job – and asking questions that uncover whether the candidate can and will do the job and whether they have the job capacity. 


Once in the position, we incentivize the behaviors and results we want to see grow in each position. Phillips also provides continuous training to hone our crafts (next month, our VP will offer daily leadership training). We also ensure that systems are clear and accessible to help make our work easier.


Finally, we encourage wins lavishly in Google chats and meetings and provide opportunities for advancement from within. 100% of the women and 88% of the men working at Phillips answered on the Best Places to Work survey that they had long growth paths in their careers at Phillips.


And you probably guessed what’s coming next. When people feel they can experience both personal and professional growth in a position and that you care about their fit and applaud their wins, trust is engendered. And as we all know by now, “Trust is the currency of business”. 


Join the Phillips Home Improvements TEAMily and be part of one of the Best Places to Work!


Want to be part of a team that you can be proud of, where you can experience authentic teamwork, and grow professionally and personally? We’re always searching for new talent.


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What our clients are saying
Glen C. From Mesquite, TX
"Each and every staff member was very professional and thorough throughout the process. Coming from a retired commercial general contractor they deserve the highest of ratings."
Deborah I. From Frisco, TX
"Great work! Phillips Home Improvements were extremely professional from Day 1. They responded to my inquiry for gutters promptly and came to see us. The rep did a detailed inspection of our roof shape and discussed all options with us. The guys were done in one day and we are very happy with how the gutters look and perform."
Nick T. From Flower Mound, TX
"Like a whole new house. The crew was on top of everything with their chief walking ne through everything!"
Rebecca B. From Dallas, TX
"Phillips has the kind of excellent customer service you can’t get in other places. Everything was so easy for me and our gutters are perfectly installed."
Gordon W. From Dallas, TX
"I recently had my front entry door refinished with some minor repairs. The job was done very professionally and I am pleased with the work they did. I also used Phillips to do my guttering and I was extremely pleased with that job also."
Darryl C. From Garland, TX
"Phillips’ quality work on a previous assignment at our house earned them another, larger project, which, just finished, further impressed me! Dependable, approachable, and work quality satisfying my own demanding standards means I’ll have them back again and again!"
Gary S. From Dallas, TX
"Everything was awesome from the very first estimate visit right through the last day of work. We had the entire inside and outside of our home painted which included some repair work as well. Amazing job."
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