Storm/Hail Damage


Call Us For Fast And Effective Help With Storm & Hail Damage In The Dallas-Fort Worth Area.

We Have Decades Of Experience Helping Locals Through The Claim Process And Getting Roofs Taken Care Of!

When a roof is damaged by hail or high-velocity wind in or around the Dallas-Fort Worth area – a common occurrence – Phillips is the trusted choice for efficient, reliable solutions.

After decades in the home improvement business, we can say a core reason why is this:

We’re the well-known, longtime-established local roofer who walks you through the insurance claim process and then efficiently takes care of EVERYTHING once your deductible has been paid.

It’s honestly that simple. Our results speak for themselves, and we’ve got thousands of 5-star reviews to attest to our dedication to taking great care of the communities we serve! We make a somewhat stressful situation easier, and our process brings peace of mind in turbulent times.

You can learn more about us and our approach to this important work below, or reach out and contact Phillips today. It’s best to get the process started ASAP, and we know just what to do.

Storm & Hail Damage Services With Phillips

Proud To Walk You Through The Insurance Claim Process, Providing The Most Stress-Free Experience Possible!


A FREE, Detailed & Thorough Inspection

Call Phillips to perform a free inspection to identify damage. If found, we’ll ensure it’s properly documented both for our team internally during your project and for the adjuster as well.


We’ll Meet & Work With Your Adjuster

After you’ve filed a claim, we’ll meet with the adjuster with you. Not as your agent but as a well-known and established roofer guiding you, there alongside you through the claim process.

Team Member Smiling Calling Customer

Deal With Denial Or Approval

If your insurance denies the claim, Phillips can triage the problem and escalate the process. If approved, the adjuster will provide a claim summary and the first insurance check.

Once you’ve received the first insurance check and summary, we’ll schedule a contract signing, collect the initial insurance check, and then get started repairing or replacing your roof.

  • Phillips takes over from this point, and you can breathe a nice big sigh of relief.
  • We make the rest of the process easy!
  • Insurance companies may miss items we need. This is known as a ‘supplement’.
  • We’ll gladly handle all supplements and advocate on your behalf!
Roofing Truck In Front Of Two Story House

Please Note: Texas state law HB2102 requires your deductible to be paid in full to the insurance company. Need financing help with deductible coverage? We’re happy to help!

The Benefits: Why Choose Phillips When Storms Hit

Taking Care Of DFW Home & Business Owners For Decades!

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Our No-Compromise-Ever Approach To Products

No matter what we have to do to get you comfortable again, we’ll make it happen. We can do it all – roof repairs, replacements, staining the fence, replacing the chimney cap and window screens, or other collateral damage, etc. And every tool, material, and product will be top-caliber!

Our Expectation-Exceeding Workmanship

How does our workmanship consistently exceed customer expectations year after year, decade after decade? Internally, a focus on quality is woven throughout the tapestry of our company. It’s in our DNA. We know where the bottom line is and go FAR beyond it in every way we can.

Genuine, Accommodating Service That Delivers

As you experience the Phillips process, remember that it’s the result of thousands upon thousands of successful roofing projects across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. And that’s not an overestimation. We can prove it. Our service is friendly, procedural, and passionate!

Our Etched-In-Stone, Rock-Solid TEAMily Core Values

We like to call our company family our TEAMily – a combination of Team and Family – because we rally around our core values as a team does. And we seek to take care of each other as well as we take care of our customers! Our values drive us. They fuel our work each and every day.

The Long-Standing Phillips Guarantee

Another HUGE reason folks call us for their storm and hail damage issues is because, after decades of service in the DFW area, people KNOW that they’re going to be completely taken care of…LONG after installation is finished. With Phillips, you’re in friendly, professional hands!

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A Sampling Of Our Dallas-Fort Worth Reviews

What Folks Are Saying About Phillips In Their Own Words

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Bernice H.

Great company! Honest and the Phillips crew were friendly and professional. Answered all my questions and reassured me of the quality of the job. We are beyond pleased and will highly recommend them to friends, family, and neighbors. Thank you!

Benita C.

Phillips is fast and efficient and took great care in protecting my furniture and flooring. There was a mismatch on the ceiling that they returned and fixed promptly. I would hire them again for painting and handyman services.

James J.

I hired Phillips to paint the entire interior of my mother’s condo. This was an emotional experience since she’d recently passed, and I was preparing her condo for sale. They did an excellent job from beginning to end and dealt well with a couple of surprises. Very pleased with the outstanding final appearance.

Erik R.

Phillips came out and inspected the roof leak. It turns out the company that installed the brick on the side of my home must’ve nailed a board into my shingles to stand on but didn’t repair the holes properly, and water started to leak through them. Phillips advised at the time that I should just cover up the holes with caulk as hail season was approaching, and I would most likely need my roof replaced anyways. They were right! I replaced my roof a few months later. Thanks, Phillips, for your expertise and your honesty!

Stephen J.

Pricey, but did a great job. For any issue or question, the team was very quick to follow up, very transparent on pricing, and willing to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Really put the customer above and beyond. Highly recommend Phillips.

Storm & Hail Damage Services FAQs

Important Questions & Answers You Might Be Interested In

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Q: Why Do You Offer Free Roof Inspections?

Well, we’re not storm chasers. Phillips has been in the DFW metroplex for decades, and we’ve helped a great many people deal with storms that pass through the area with our roofing, gutters, siding, and exterior painting services. What’s important is that you get detailed information on the state of your roof ASAP, so you can make the best decisions moving forward. After seeing how friendly and professional we are, we’re confident you’ll choose Phillips to help with whatever storm damage you’re dealing with.

Q: Will You Help Me Get My Claim Approved?

You bet. Hiring Phillips is the first step, meaning a qualified and experienced roofing contractor. From here, we know ALL the steps folks should take when we’ve identified damage during their free inspection. And we can walk you hand in hand, step by step, through the process.

Q: What Should I Look For, In Terms Of Property Damage?

Your property can be damaged by three major storm forces – water, high winds, and hail. Water damage can appear just about anywhere and can be coming from leaks, broken gutters, etc. High winds can rip shingles right off the roof and cause all sorts of havoc on a home’s exterior. Hail just bombards everything and can leave all kinds of small craters in the roofing. The good news is our inspections don’t take forever, and we give you a complete 360-degree breakdown.

Q: Will You Tell Me If I Don’t Really Need A Full Replacement?

At Phillips, we recognize trust as the true currency of business. And with thousands of 5-star reviews under our belts from here in the DFW area, you can be confident we’re going to treat you just as honestly and with the same levels of integrity. We’re not going to try and sell you anything; we inform you. That’s it. If your roof only took minor damage and no full replacement is necessary, we’ll be the first to let you know.

Q: The Storm Passed, But I Don’t See Any Damage. What Now?

Not all storm damage is obvious and severe. Sometimes storms can cause harder-to-see issues that start small and then build over time into serious problems. When we discover these during inspections, we offer a ‘tune up’ or roof maintenance that’s fast and effective and wards off these kinds of things – prolonging the lifespan of your current roofing system.

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