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Improper siding installation can lead to many headaches you shouldn’t have to deal with or subject your Dallas-Fort Worth home to. From utility bills creeping higher due to poor insulation and mold/mildew issues to sloppy aesthetics (rippling, warping, buckling, bulging, cracking) and rust problems…


Phillips Home Improvements makes it easy to avoid all this nonsense!

And while there’s plenty of information on the detailed, polished nature of our installations below and our siding services page, sometimes it’s best to let our customers do the talking. Because, after all, contractors can SAY anything to you.

Below you’ll find a sampling of reviews, but here’s the bottom line – over the last couple of decades, we’ve accumulated THOUSANDS of genuine 5-star reviews on multiple platforms from fellow homeowners across the DFW region. As you browse them, you’ll see installation is among the most common themes.

Need siding repair? visit our exterior painting & siding repair page for more info.

Characteristics Of Phillips Siding Installations. Why We Get So Many Referrals & Returning Customers!

  • Extremely Thorough – And We Uncover Everything
  • Old-School Professionalism – From Start To Finish
  • Expertly-Managed Processes – Reliable Oversight
  • Always Timely And Efficient – Spotless Cleanup

The Phillips Dedication To Siding Installation

Precision Demo, Proper Repairs & Polished Processes

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Details! Like most residential projects, there are FAR more details involved in professional siding installation (and repairs) than people realize. At Phillips, we have a long-standing reputation for being downright nerdy about this stuff. We obsess over the details most contractors avoid.

In fact, by the time we’re finished with your project, you’ll have a better understanding of what honest repairs look like, what quality siding is, how it works, why it performs so well, and the critical little things we do to ensure you get the absolute MOST bang for your home improvement buck.

Generally speaking, the basic logical framework for our siding installation process is the same as any other professional siding company. The difference is in our delivery, execution, and follow-through.

A Thorough By-The-Phillips-Book Inspection
Repair Damage, Including Wood & Carpentry Work
When Possible, Install Specialty-Order Non-Painted Hardie Siding
Professional Paint Job Down To The Finest Detail
Vertical Siding, Lap, Shake, etc. We Do It All
Replace Fascia, Soffit, Window Trim, And More

Frequently there are other parts of the home we’re working on, like through our chimney services or window services, for instance, and people are so happy to learn we’re a versatile team with vast experience. We can handle almost everything involved in these home improvement projects!


Here’s an easy example. Let’s think about wood trim and imagine you want us to replace some around the main windows of your home. You might not know this, but cheap lumber these days isn’t the same quality as a decade or two or three ago. It’s grown too fast, so it’s not as dense. It’s more spongy and soaks up water faster (meaning it rots more quickly).

Hence, why we use higher-grade wood we know you can count on.

No Temporary Low-Quality Bandaid Siding Solutions
No Cutting Corners To Save A Little Time & Margin
No Subpar Supportive Materials, Tools, Or Tech
And No Kicking The Can Down The Road

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A Sampling Of Our 5-Star Customer Reviews

See What Fellow DFW Homeowners Are Saying About Us

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Ellen M.

We used Phillips in our last home and my parent’s home. Excellent quality back then, and thankfully nothing’s changed. This time was the same great kind & courteous service. That’s hard to achieve these days.

Ron V.

Phillips Home Improvement repainted the exterior of our home, replaced some rotted trim and siding, and painted an interior door. Our project manager and the crew showed up when expected and completed the work as promised. This is the 4th project Phillips has completed at our home, and we’d definitely use them again.

Herman S.

Phillips did a complete face-lift on our house, replacing all siding with Hardie plank, fixing damaged fascia and frieze boards, repainting the entire exterior, and installing new gutters. The result was amazing! Throughout the process, Phillips did a great job keeping us up to date on the scheduling. They managed to stay on top of the carpentry and painting, even though we lost a day off the original schedule due to freezing rain, and the final gutter walk-through was great.

Denis S.

Phillips did carpentry repairs and painted my siding. Everyone was professional and cared about me, which was great. Everyone was listening and helpful in accommodating my needs. The price was competitive and decent, the best on the market. Quality is outstanding. I definitely recommend Phillips. BTW, unexpected rain washed a few spots – it was repainted as soon as the surface dried the next day after the rain finished. So, looks like they care about warranty as well.

Jesse S.

The team at Philips did a great job of repairing, painting, and installing siding on our home. Their quality was great, and they didn’t try to upsell us on anything after the fact. Their estimates were good, and I’m thrilled with the results.

Siding Installation FAQs

Questions & Answers About Siding & Trim Repairs

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Q: How Can I Tell If The Wood On My Home’s Exterior Is Rotten?

One of the most common issues homeowners face regarding their home’s exterior is rotting wood. Rot is a problem that can occur on any horizontal or vertical surface made of wood and is caused by moisture and lack of sunlight.

To identify rotten wood on your home’s exterior, look for discoloration or dark spots, soft or spongy areas when you press on the wood, or areas that crumble easily. If you notice any of these signs, addressing the issue as soon as possible is important to prevent further damage to your home.

Q: What’s The Best Way To Repair Rotten Wood On My Home’s Exterior?

The best way to repair rotten wood on your home’s exterior is by hiring a professional to assess and repair the damage properly. A professional can identify the root cause of the problem and use appropriate materials and techniques to repair the damage thoroughly.

  • It’s important to avoid quick band-aid fixes such as filling the rotted area with caulk, as this only provides a temporary solution and may even worsen the problem.
  • Furthermore, in North Texas, the climate and building materials used in homes over the last 40+ years have made them more susceptible to rotting over time. Therefore, it’s important to address the issue as soon as it’s noticed to prevent the problem from worsening and potentially causing irreparable damage to your home.
  • Investing in professional siding repair may initially seem expensive, but it will ultimately be more cost-effective in the long run. A professional repair will provide more value over time because it will have been done properly, using the right materials and techniques.

So, if you notice any signs of rotting wood on your home’s exterior, don’t hesitate to call a professional to assess and repair the siding damage. Your investment will be worth it in the end, as it‘ll protect your home from further damage and increase its value.

Q: Should I Replace The Entire Piece Of Wood Or Just The Damaged Area?

When deciding whether to replace the entire piece or just the damaged area, consider the cost of each option. Repairing a small area may be more cost-effective in the short term, but if the damage is likely to recur, you may spend more in the long run. A full replacement may seem more expensive but may be more economical in the long term.

Q: Are Wood Fillers & Epoxies For Repairs Okay? Replace The Board Instead?

While wood filler and epoxy can provide temporary fixes for minor damages, they act like a band-aid, covering the issue without addressing the root cause. If the board is extensively damaged, replacing it would be the most effective and long-term solution. This helps maintain the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your home. At Phillips Home Improvements, our professionals can assess the damage and provide the best recommendations tailored to your specific needs. We believe in providing solutions that offer the best value over time, even if it means investing a little more upfront for a thorough repair or replacement.

Q: What Are Common Signs My Siding Needs Repair Or Replacement?

Signs such as warping, rotting, peeling paint, cracked or loose boards, or fungal growth indicate that your siding may require attention. Timely intervention from a professional like Phillips Home Improvements can prevent further damage and protect your home’s structural integrity.

Q: Considering The Texas Climate, What Siding Is Best For My DFW Home?

Siding materials like fiber cement, vinyl, and engineered wood offer good resistance to the diverse climate in Texas. However, most homeowners in North Texas choose fiber-cement siding, considering factors such as durability, maintenance, and aesthetics.

It’s important to note that while some homeowners might be tempted to save money and attempt to fix the problem themselves, this isn’t always the best idea. Hiring a professional to assess and repair the damage can save you money in the long run, as experts can provide a more comprehensive and lasting solution.

  • We recommend addressing issues with rotting wood sooner rather than later to prevent further damage and to save on costs.
  • We also recommend hiring a professional to ensure the work is done right the first time, providing more value over time.

Why Phillips Home Improvements

Whether It’s Siding, Roofing, Gutter, Or Window Work, The Benefits Of Choosing Us For Your Project Are Well Known

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Our ‘No Compromise!‘ Approach To Quality Siding Products

It goes without saying that when you work with Phillips on your siding, painting, or whatever your home improvement project involves, the products we use will be top-quality. This is something we don’t compromise on. More than mere words, we proudly wear this approach on our sleeves.

Expectation-Exceeding Workmanship On Siding Projects

We don’t leave siding repair/installation projects until we’ve met all objectives and triple-checked our work. Sure. But what we’re aiming for is to exceed expectations. At every turn, we try to go above and beyond the call of duty to make your experience with us memorable remarkable.

Our Process: Genuinely Personable & Accommodating

Speaking about our polished siding installation process, you can expect a step-by-step approach, where we walk you through each, answer your questions, promptly address concerns, and generally just try to be as personable and accommodating as possible.

The Phillips TEAMily Core Values

Generally speaking, we work for results like a practiced team and care for one another like a family. This is why we created the TEAMily concept. It encapsulates our approach to keep everyone cared for and everyone on the same page with a focus on people over profits.

Our Extensive Advocacy & Community Involvement

Over the years, we’ve slowly and steadily increased the number of organizations, initiatives, schools, foundations, and associations we’re involved with. It’s an exciting part of our platform. Meanwhile, our founder is all over the internet, helping to improve home improvement nationwide.

The Long-Standing, Decades-Old Phillips Guarantee

We can say whatever we want to say. The good news is we can also prove everything we tell folks about who we are and why we do things the way we do. For example, we have thousands of genuine 5-star reviews, certifications, memberships, and more. With Phillips, you’re covered.

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