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Turn Heads & Enjoy Lifetime Protection With Proven, Industry-Best Siding For DFW Homes

While Wood Rots & Cheap Vinyl Warps, The Composite We Use Stands Up To The Dallas-Fort Worth Region’s Worst

When you combine the experience and precision workmanship of Phillips Home Improvements with the proven performance of James Hardie fiber cement siding… you get a heaping bucket of benefits! For starters, you get dramatically upgraded siding protection for your Dallas-Fort Worth home and a gorgeous, long-lasting new look to turn heads for decades.

Unlike other contractors (who could care less about how you feel about your siding years from now), we’ve built a solid reputation in the DFW region by installing NOTHING but the best. And sure, that’s easy to say, but what do we mean by ”best”?

In most cases, it’s James Hardie’s composite fiber cement siding. Not the pre-painted panels. We use the specialty-order kind so we can build a picturesque perfect-match solution.


Need siding repair? Visit our Exterior Painting & Siding Repair page for more info.

Most painters hate fiber cement siding. It’s true. They don’t want to bother with having to cut the material for precision fits and customizations. It’s loud and dusty and chews through cheap saw blades like hungry kids chew through grandma’s cookies (hence, we don’t bother with the cheapies).

You must also have the right techniques, nails, and more expensive nail guns to install the siding systems properly. Or, unfortunately, it’s going to break or lead to headaches down the road.

Learn more about our siding services and our company below. Or, feel free to reach out, contact us, and let’s chat directly about your interest in proven industry-best siding today.

Our Siding Services

Why So Many DFW Homeowners LOVE Our High-Quality Fiber Cement Siding Upgrades

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Maximize The Beauty Of Your Home

If their product lines didn’t look outstanding, James Hardie siding wouldn’t be on homes nationwide, making them our leading manufacturer. Is it the best solution in every case? No. But when applicable, you KNOW it’ll turn heads and make eyes pop for a long time rather than many cheaper alternatives that only look just okay…for a while.

Avoid High-Maintenance & Hassles

Hardie siding is practically maintenance-free because of what it’s made of (Portland cement, sand, water, cellulose fibers, and proprietary additives). Rot will no longer be an issue. No bird or pest danger either. As long as it gets a good washing every couple of years so dirt doesn’t infuse into the paint, you’ll enjoy a fresh look over the long haul.

Our Installation Process = Lifetime Protection

While Hardie provides best practices (we’re a James Hardie Contractor Alliance member), the complex nature of these systems requires experience. Professional Installation matters; you can tell the difference between our workmanship and “the other guys.” Our teams learned the finer details through thousands of projects that generalized guides can’t teach.

True Peace-Of-Mind Coverage

You’ll get the Phillips Guarantee – we don’t install anything on homes that won’t last – and Hardie’s great coverage and product protections. It’s a proven, solid investment. Our history of quality and integrity-driven service in the DFW ensures your home is treated like our own; we do ALL carpentry and siding repairs before putting a brush on your home.

The Phillips Home Improvements Difference

Basics Of Our Siding Installation Process

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We professionally inspect your property.


Repair all underlying damage.


Install specialty-order non-painted Hardie siding.


Paint it to perfection down to the finest detail.


We can do vertical siding, lap, shake, etc.


Replace fascia, soffits, window trims, and more.

Siding Gallery

Explore Some Of Our Recent Siding Projects

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Read A Few Of Our 5-Star Customer Reviews

See What Fellow DFW Homeowners Are Saying

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Chris U.

Had exterior carpentry work, paint, and gutters replaced. Phillips did a fantastic job of making our visions for our home a reality. The staff was patient while we made decisions needed to complete the project. They educated us and offered suggestions to keep our newly-painted home looking good after the project. The quality of work was phenomenal, and they cleaned up well afterward. 10/10. Would use again!

Marco C.

Top professionals and well-organized. One of the few I refer for work around carpentry and exterior painting on a house. They executed the repair on our siding, and project changes were also treated as normal. I appreciated Phillip’s customer service. They keep you updated, answer calls, text you back, and don’t leave you hanging. We had to meet different schedules, and they figured out how to balance jobs and weather. It was done in 3 days with siding replaced, water insulation joints, exterior paint, waste removed, and final inspection. Great work!

Neta D.

Initial contact with Phillips was key in the decision. We could cover every step of the process before any commitment. The supervisor walk-through on day one was helpful in seeing what needed to be done. The crew was pleasant and efficient and did an excellent job with repairing, painting, and final cleanup. Work was scheduled and completed on time. Definitely recommend Phillips.

Glen F.

The Phillips personnel were excellent in removing and replacing the old siding with Hardie board and trim. They replaced all the old siding on the chimney. Their craftsmanship was outstanding. At the end of the day, their total accomplishment on this job was outstanding!

Susan R.

The Phillips Home Improvement team did a great job on our house painting project. We had significant repairs to the siding that were included, and they handled everything easily. Definitely recommended.

Siding Services FAQs

Essential Questions & Answers About Hardie Fiber Cement

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Q: Why Does Fiber Cement Siding Last So Long?

It comes down to its proprietary composition. Hardie has some of their own additives they’ve engineered over the years. Otherwise, it’s good old-fashioned Portland Cement, basic sand, and cellulose. When you combine this with the ‘Hardie Zone’ advancements for our specific region (more on this in the next question), it can last up to a half-century!

Q: You Said You Use HZ10 Siding. What Is That, Exactly?

The James Hardie company’s been around for 135+ years if you count their predecessor company. In that time, they’ve learned a thing or two about siding products and innovated a way to engineer them for climate. They call this the HardieZone system.

It provides siding with specific performance attributes relative to the climate where the product is being used. As a result, James Hardie allows you to put the optimum siding on a project regardless of your location.

Their lines are based on climate variables, and the HZ10 line is well-suited for the DFW region.

This siding was engineered for areas with hurricane-force winds, salty sea air of the coast, and the brutal, humid heat of the Deep South. Engineered specifically for these climates, HZ10 boards resist cracking, splitting, rotting, and season after the hot, humid, tropical storm season.

Q: Other Than Your & Hardie’s Opinions, How Can I Know It’s THAT Good?

Great question! First, there’s the rich history of their products you can dig into. Then, there are literally endless reviews from across the country you can turn to. We also have thousands of reviews ourselves from here in the DFW area. Another big point is that their lines are third-party tested by industry organizations and initiatives like Good Housekeeping’s research institute. There’s honestly no lack of proof regarding their products.

Q: Will You Help Me Choose The Right Color & Style For My Home?

You bet. Aside from the benefits of a meticulous Siding Installation, working with an experienced siding specialist like Phillips ensures you get the best treatment upfront during the design phase. We’ve got thousands upon thousands of siding projects under our belts from THIS area, and know it like the backs of our weathered wands. Our product specialists will walk you through the collections and color options and help you choose picture-perfect coloring.

Q: What Kind Of Warranty Protection Is Included In My Siding Project?

We’d say the BEST and most comprehensive kind. And you get it from two angles. First, from Hardie, which offers industry-best coverage…hands down. Second, you get the Phillips Guarantee, which basically means we aren’t going to rest or be happy until you are. We don’t stop until it’s perfect. Then, as a company that’s been around for decades, we can assure you we don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

Why Choose Phillips Home Improvements

Ensuring Your Dallas-Fort Worth Home Gets The Best

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Our ‘No Compromise!‘ Approach To Quality Siding Products

Frankly, we love working with Hardie fiber cement. It holds up. It looks great. It’s designed for our area, and since we can paint it any color in the universe, we can give homes a polished look. But no matter what we install, you can rest assured it’s top-quality through and through.

Expectation-Exceeding Workmanship On Siding Projects

The entire Phillips team learned long ago that exceeding your expectations across the board is the absolute BEST kind of marketing. It’s true. And it works. Today we have literally thousands of reviews from folks across the Dallas-Fort Worth area who were dazzled enough to speak out.

Our Process: Genuinely Personable & Accommodating

Part of exceeding expectations is treating you, your property, and your siding investment with genuine CARE. At Phillips, we know what it’s like to be in your shoes and get involved in home improvement projects, so we aim to be as personal and accommodating as possible.

The Phillips TEAMily Core Values

As a customer-centric company that demonstrates our people-before-profits philosophy, we let our core values lead the way. They guide our daily activities and keep us on the right path, growing and thriving on positive local impacts for the DFW region we serve with distinction.

Our Extensive Advocacy & Community Involvement

Over the years, we’ve slowly and steadily increased the number of organizations, initiatives, schools, foundations, and associations we’re involved with. It’s an exciting part of our platform. Meanwhile, our founder is all over the internet, helping to improve home improvement nationwide.

The Long-Standing, Decades-Old Phillips Guarantee

We’re that local long-standing DFW company that’s been around forever and has thousands of reviews and a rock-solid local reputation. With us, you’re covered! Simple. Your investment’s safe and secure, your home will be dramatically improved, and you’ll be glad you chose us.

Phillips Home Improvements

If you want to discuss more about how our company can successfully complete your remodeling project,
feel free to schedule an in-home consultation with one of our friendly team members.

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