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Many home improvement contractors in DFW offer low quotes. They seem like great deals, but are they?

Well, in many cases, they’re not. They’re, as you might’ve feared, too good to be true.

The fact is there are (sneaky) ways the contractor may have arrived at such a truly unbelievably low price, and you may end up paying MORE in the long run.

A “Quote” Is An Estimate

It starts with understanding what a quote is and isn’t. Here is the definition (pulled from Google): “A quotation giving the estimated cost for a particular job or service.”

The key word there is “estimated.” As in, the price you see may not be exact — but merely an approximation of how much the project MIGHT cost.

And, funny enough, almost never does the price adjust downward in your favor — the homeowner seems to always pay more.

Now, we’re 100% aware of this dilemma and the concern it causes homeowners.

That’s why we provide ACCURATE proposals — not quotes. The price you see is the price you pay. So, although we might not have the lowest “quote,” you can trust us, and you’ll know that you’re getting great value in the long run.

Home Improvement Quote Increases In DFW

The Contractor Must Compromise Somewhere — Usually
It’s Materials And Craftsmanship

“You get what you pay for.” It’s more than a cliché — it couldn’t be more true when it comes to YOUR home improvement project.

For most low quotes, the home improvement contractor is cutting a corner somewhere.

Perhaps, it’s with materials. Or, perhaps, they’re hiring inexpensive and less-proven subcontractors. In many cases, it’s a combination of both.

That’s all fine until a subcontractor makes a mistake that voids your warranty, and then the materials aren’t strong enough to hold up over time. In the end, you could end up paying for your project TWICE after you hire someone to fix the first contractor’s mistake(s).

The Inspection Wasn’t Thorough

It’s nice to hear a home improvement contractor tell you that your home is in great shape. Maybe it is. But, in many cases, there are issues that must be addressed during a project. They might leave the details you don’t want to hear out for two reasons:

  1. They didn’t see the issues
  2. They’d have to raise your initial quote to fix the issues (and they don’t want to lose your business)

Many contractors’ low quotes are due to inadequate inspections where they miss important details. For example, is a roofing contractor inspecting your ENTIRE roofing system or just your shingles? It’s important to know what they’ve done during the inspection to ensure you’re not hit with surprises later.

In other (more extreme) cases, home improvement contractors may simply withhold information. For example, if there’s mold inside your walls, they may wait to tell you this until AFTER the project starts. This way you’re already committed, and, of course, you HAVE to fix the mold.

So, they bank on you going along with an increase to your quote, which is usually in the form of a document called a “change order.”

The simple way to avoid this — go with the guys (or gals) that tell you EVERYTHING upfront. That way, you can make INFORMED decisions about what you include in your project.

That’s our goal at Phillips Home Improvements — your proposal is simple, yet detailed. We tell you everything and provide a price that doesn’t change. You’ll have peace of mind knowing EVERYTHING will be done right with no hidden surprises lurking after the project starts.

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Say Goodbye To Inaccurate Quotes And Choose A
Home Improvement Contractor You Can Trust

At Phillips Home Improvements, we carry the old-school mindset that our word ACTUALLY means something — it’s a promise. So, when we tell you your project price in your proposal, you can trust and know that’s exactly how much you’ll pay.

If you need home improvement in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, call us today at (972) 867 – 9792 for a free and accurate project proposal.

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Glen C. From Mesquite, TX
"Each and every staff member was very professional and thorough throughout the process. Coming from a retired commercial general contractor they deserve the highest of ratings."
Deborah I. From Frisco, TX
"Great work! Phillips Home Improvements were extremely professional from Day 1. They responded to my inquiry for gutters promptly and came to see us. The rep did a detailed inspection of our roof shape and discussed all options with us. The guys were done in one day and we are very happy with how the gutters look and perform."
Nick T. From Flower Mound, TX
"Like a whole new house. The crew was on top of everything with their chief walking ne through everything!"
Rebecca B. From Dallas, TX
"Phillips has the kind of excellent customer service you can’t get in other places. Everything was so easy for me and our gutters are perfectly installed."
Gordon W. From Dallas, TX
"I recently had my front entry door refinished with some minor repairs. The job was done very professionally and I am pleased with the work they did. I also used Phillips to do my guttering and I was extremely pleased with that job also."
Darryl C. From Garland, TX
"Phillips’ quality work on a previous assignment at our house earned them another, larger project, which, just finished, further impressed me! Dependable, approachable, and work quality satisfying my own demanding standards means I’ll have them back again and again!"
Gary S. From Dallas, TX
"Everything was awesome from the very first estimate visit right through the last day of work. We had the entire inside and outside of our home painted which included some repair work as well. Amazing job."
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