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What You Need To Know About Emergency Roof Repairs After A Storm In Plano, TX

What You Need To Know About Getting
Emergency Roof Repairs In Plano, TX

A Guide To Getting Your Roof
Repaired After A Storm Hits

When a storm hits your Plano, TX home, the need for roof repairs could be a result. Your roof is usually the first line of defense against the elements. When a storm damages your roof, it can be tough to know what to do

When the damage is severe, it is clear you need to call a trusted contractor right away. But when it might not appear as severe, it can be hard to tell what needs to be addressed right away.

Here are some tips to help you figure out how to get your Plano, TX, roof back to its like-new condition as soon as possible.

Is Time For Immediate Roof Leak
Repairs After Water Damage?

Water damage is usually either very obvious or can go undetected for a long time. If you have had a storm with extreme amounts of rain, it is important to assess your roof to decide if emergency roof repairs are called for.

After a severe storm, the damage to homes in the Collin County, TX, area will vary, and homes that have the most extreme damage are a priority.

In some cases, water coming into your home can be managed by catching it in a bucket and scheduling a repair. However, if the water is coming in faster than it can be caught, it will need to be addressed as an emergency right away. Another situation that calls for emergency repairs is if the water is anywhere near electrical outlets or equipment.

If you need an emergency repair, a roofing company that offers emergency services should be called right away. Phillips Home Improvements is a trusted Plano roofing company known for prompt response time and emergency repair expertise. They will come to you quickly, tarp the area, and begin addressing repairs right away.

It is important to note that water damage can be sneaky. Even if it doesn’t appear catastrophic on the surface and doesn’t seem to qualify as an emergency, it still might need to be prioritized.

Water damage can seep under shingles and into joints or flashing, causing rot over time. If you suspect any water damage whatsoever, call Phillips Home Improvements for an assessment.

What To Know About Roof Repairs After Wind Damage

Damage from high winds is another situation in which emergency repairs might be necessary. Wind damage is obvious to identify. Shingles might be creased, peeling, or entirely blown off. Fascia, soffits, and flashing might show signs of cracking or peeling.

The worst kind of wind damage can come from debris or downed trees. Damage from downed trees can range from cosmetic to structural. If a tree falls on your roof, call Phillips Home Improvements immediately.

If there is any structural damage, an emergency roof repair is usually called for. If the damage is cosmetic, it may not need an emergency repair but should still be addressed as soon as possible.

Any surface damage to a roof can leave the roof’s structure vulnerable. Water or mold issues can take hold easily if a roof’s structure is exposed. This means a small problem can turn into a bigger one if not addressed promptly.

When winds approach 50 mph, they are categorized as severe. If there is a storm in your area with winds at this level, it is a good idea to schedule a non-emergency roof assessment afterward, no matter what.

It is worth the peace of mind to make sure a small problem won’t turn into a bigger one.

What To Expect From The Residential Roof Repair
Process After A Storm

One of the first things to do after a storm has passed is to do a preliminary visual assessment and document the damage. Take pictures of anything you notice that is different on your property, large or small.

After assessing the damage, you may need to take emergency protective measures like tarping or placing buckets under leaks.

Next, call your homeowner’s insurance representative. They will take information about the damage and answer questions about your coverage.

Your homeowner’s insurance representative may refer you to a list of reliable area roofing contractors or suggest that you call Phillips Home Improvements. They have the experience and will work directly with your insurance company as well.

When you are selecting a roofing contractor for repairs, it is worth it to do the extra research to make sure they have a solid reputation and business history in your area.

A good roofing contractor, like Phillips Home Improvements, will have experience in storm damage assessment, repairs, and working with insurance companies. The insurance claim process isn’t always easy, so having a contractor with experience can be invaluable. They will also know how to comply with insurance policy requirements. Be prepared to ask about their experience in these areas during your initial call.

Some things to consider when vetting a roofing contractor are:

  • Check out their customer reviews.
  • Do they have a professional-looking website?
  • Do they have a Better Business Bureau Rating?
  • How long have they been in business in your area?
  • Do they have experience in working with the insurance claims process?

Phillips Home Improvement is the most trusted roofing contractor in Plano, TX. We have extensive experience in post-storm repairs and working with insurance companies.

Our honest and straightforward customer service and our detailed craftsmanship have earned us rave reviews from customers, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and other industry awards. With Phillips Home Improvements, you can be confident that your roofing repair or replacement experience will be as easy and stress-free as possible.

Contact us for a free quote today.

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Glen C. From Mesquite, TX
"Each and every staff member was very professional and thorough throughout the process. Coming from a retired commercial general contractor they deserve the highest of ratings."
Deborah I. From Frisco, TX
"Great work! Phillips Home Improvements were extremely professional from Day 1. They responded to my inquiry for gutters promptly and came to see us. The rep did a detailed inspection of our roof shape and discussed all options with us. The guys were done in one day and we are very happy with how the gutters look and perform."
Nick T. From Flower Mound, TX
"Like a whole new house. The crew was on top of everything with their chief walking ne through everything!"
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"Phillips has the kind of excellent customer service you can’t get in other places. Everything was so easy for me and our gutters are perfectly installed."
Gordon W. From Dallas, TX
"I recently had my front entry door refinished with some minor repairs. The job was done very professionally and I am pleased with the work they did. I also used Phillips to do my guttering and I was extremely pleased with that job also."
Darryl C. From Garland, TX
"Phillips’ quality work on a previous assignment at our house earned them another, larger project, which, just finished, further impressed me! Dependable, approachable, and work quality satisfying my own demanding standards means I’ll have them back again and again!"
Gary S. From Dallas, TX
"Everything was awesome from the very first estimate visit right through the last day of work. We had the entire inside and outside of our home painted which included some repair work as well. Amazing job."
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