The Phillips Guarantee

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What EXACTLY Is The Phillips Guarantee? We’re Not Happy Until You Are. Period.

And With Nearly Three Decades & Thousands Of Reviews Under Our Belts, You Can Rest Assured We Mean It!

Let’s face it, home improvement companies always seem to have guarantees… but look at the state of the national consumer attitude toward our industry. The reality is that many of these so-called guarantees are either filled with loopholes like Swiss cheese, weighed down by small-print nonsense at the bottom of contracts, or given by companies who won’t be in business long enough to stand by them.

For us, our guarantee is a commitment. We’re the kind of contractor you can trust and depend on to keep working on it, innovate solutions, and do whatever it takes through a sense of duty and integrity.

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How Our Guarantee Is Thread Throughout Our Process Tapestry

No cliches. No empty promises. None of the usual platitudes devoid of any real substance. Instead, treating folks respectfully and being honest and transparent isn’t just the right thing to do…it’s just downright good business!

We Guarantee No Compromises Ever With Product Quality

What’s the quickest way to get shut down in the home improvement industry? Install cheap products using cheap margin-lining materials, using subpar tools, and inadequate processes. With Phillips, we guarantee our products/materials/tools will be professional-grade, top-quality, suited for the DFW area, and backed by the best warranties we can offer. This is something we refuse to make ANY compromises on.

We Guarantee Our Workmanship Will Exceed Expectations

The Phillips Guarantee is our promise. It’s a commitment. It’s one of the well-known calling cards of our long-standing brand. What it means is simply this: we won’t rest and consider your project done until you’re 100% THRILLED with the process and results. That’s it. We aren’t leaving or setting our tools down until all concerns are addressed and every detail is as it should be. We’ve honored this guarantee for decades.

We Guarantee A Genuine, Accommodating Experience

You know the difference between cold, generic ‘corporate’ treatment and something personable, genuine, and curated around YOUR needs. At Phillips, we do too. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to fine-tune and polish each step of our process to be focused on our customers, setting us clearly apart from the average home improvement experience. Read through our reviews, and you can see for yourself that folks agree.

Our Guarantee Is Reinforced By Phillips TEAMily Core Values

While it’s become common for nearly every major corporation out there to claim to be driven by higher or deeper ideals…we can clearly see it’s not true. At Phillips, we depend on local families. It’s that simple. Without the support of the greater DFW community, we would’ve gone out of business decades ago. Integrity. Honesty. Respect. Team. Family. Learn more about our TEAMily Core Values and how we put them into practice.

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